Captain's Log
5 June 2012

Day 6 – IGBR

Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day six, the morning commenced at 0630 with an Early Morning Activity after which the ship weighed anchor at 0700, departing Goldsmith Island and shaping a course north with a 15 knot sou’ easterly assisting. After morning brief the Landing Craft Heavy HMAS WEWAK was observed exiting Whitsunday Passage. She closed Young Endeavour passing close by which enabled the Youth Crew the opportunity to give them a hearty cheer before they departed. After ‘happy hour’ I presented a lesson on the art of sailing in Young Endeavour to the Youth Crew, this provided the basic fundamentals for safely sailing the ship come Command Day. Then with lunch completed the ship was called to ‘tacking stations’ for demonstrational tacks. This set of manoeuvres enabled the Youth Crew to observe the intricacies of altering course under sail from the bridge. With the last tack completed the ship entered scenic Hook Passage passing between Whitsunday and Hook Islands exiting to the east just prior to sunset. Overnight the ship will continue sailing making ground to the next overnight anchorage at Whitehaven Beach. It has been a wonderful day with both the weather and various locations providing some challenging and rewarding sailing through the Whitsunday Island Group. Until tomorrow evening. Yours Aye Captain Damien


20° 5' South / 149° 17' East


2100 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind SE 15 knots, swell SE 0.5 metre, temperature 24 degrees, barometer 1017 hpa