Captain's Log
14 December 2018

Day 6 – High Winds, High Seas and High Jinks!

Ahoy Shipmates. Firstly it’s Farewell not Farwell…please excuse last night’s typo in Captain’s Log…I’m blaming a rogue wave! What a night we had, plenty of wind, plenty of rain, and lots of fun! We made our way to a point about 60 nautical miles off the coast, then tacked back for the return journey. Overnight the Youth Crew conducted the ‘bearex’, a teamwork challenge (see below).
And guess what, another overcast day…WHERE IS THE SUN! I’m blaming the victorians on board for bringing the wet weather with them ;). The Youthies have pretty much covered the days events below, however they did forget to mention that late this afternoon with a thunderstorm threatening, we completed ‘demonstrational tacks’ where 2 people at a time from each watch come to the bridge and I talk them through the process of tacking the ship. We are now at anchor in the beautiful Jerusalem Bay for a restful night at anchor, much needed after the sleep deprived night some had last night due the weather. Similar conditions are forecast for Command Day…it will be an awesome challenge! Fair winds Captain Kenny——

Captains Log – Day 6

Ahoy Shipmates! Day Six started with a rough night at sea with blustering winds of 40 knots and rain pouring down heavily throughout the night. However, because of this occurrence, watches on the morning shifts practiced putting up the ‘Storm Jib’ (sail) for tough weather. Although White Watch managed to put the Jib on upside down (good job guys!). All the youthies who weren’t already on watch got woken up at seven o’clock (0700) and into the theme of ‘Floral Friday’. This includes youthies and staffies dressing up in oversized Hawaiian shirts and even some somewhat unusual attire (*cough* Brett *cough*). We then got into the daily routine of Happy Hour and grooved to the Macarena. After a very happy, Happy Hour, Jerome gave us a talk about ‘The Rules of The Road’ – Sea Version. This included how the youthies should act if sailing close to another ship and what to do in an emergency with another boat. After that we all rolled into round four of competitive/non-competitive Rope Races. This also included hanging our shoes up as flags…don’t ask. Anyway, the results are as follows:
Blue – 17
Red- 14
White – 11
We have now anchored up at the picturesque Hawkesbury River currently enjoying the beautiful view. We hope tonight will not be as rough as last night – and we all hope no one’s dinner comes back up like last night (sorry Marcus!!!).

Until next time sailors, Toula, Lachlan and John.


33 35s / 151 12e


Wind: SE at 2 knots Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay, Broken Bay.