Captain's Log
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
27 July 2019

Day 6 – Hi/Bye Sydney…Jervis Bay Here We Come!

Ahoy shipmates…another productive day at sea! After leaving Port Stephens we made the decision to head to Jervis Bay, noting the southerly winds forecast for Command Day. During the morning we passed Sydney at a distance of about 20 nautical miles…we could just see centrepoint tower in the distance. Conditions have have been a bit messy swell wise, but it would seem our young pirates have all found their sea legs. The strong winds (20 knots) gradually eased during the day and we are now motorsailing south towards JB. Last night each watch completed a teamwork challenge called the ‘bearex’, and tonight they conduct a self-reflection activity titled ‘stop, start, continue’, as well as some last minute sail handling practice in preparation for tomorrow morning’s Captains Setting and Furling…cue dramatic music! That’s about it from me, I’ll hand you over to Harry M…until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.
Captain’s Log Day 6

Hi everyone Harry here with the captains log. Today was an eventful but easy going day; we started the day with morning wake up with blue watch waking everyone up with their version of the song riptide, during this time red watch was meant to have come up for their time to keep lookout and keep the ship safe but we may have had more of a sleep in then anticipated (whoops). We had an amazing breakfast from the man the myth the legend ZAC!! With pancakes and bacon with all the toppings you could ask for. Red watch ended up getting up to their watch in the end. At 9:00 we had our morning brief finding out the doings of the day and a good story about the heads (TOILETS) from the good ol salty and the inspirational quotes from the captain. Throughout the day we had to tack the ship to get it back onto Course and we set some sails to get us going through the rough seas while we are passing Sydney headed to Jervis bay. Lunch was next… we had chicken wraps with whatever to put on and they where awesome to munch on down. Then there was sail theory with Capt. Kenny showing us what winds work with what sails and how we can get from one area to another when the wind is coming the opposite way which was good to learn and very much helpful for upcoming events. Then came the demo tacking where we got to see how everything worked when the ship was being tacked and weared from there bridge which is showing us the orders and how it all works for the command day coming up when all the youthies take control of the ship for a whole 24 hours. After a busy day it finally came to dinner with Mexican and WOW was it good. This whole trip has been a life changing event for me, meeting new people and learning to things getting along with everyone… it’s just one of things you really don’t want to end and i think not only do I speak for myself I speak for everyone else on this ship. I hope you enjoyed this captains log stay tuned for the next one SEE YAA!
P.S hi mum and dad I miss you heaps cannot wait to see you guys soon love you lots Harry M


34 34s / 151 09e


Wind: SW at 5 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Moderate Course: 199 Speed: 4 knots Location: Off Wollongong