Captain's Log
V01/21 Sydney to Sydney
18 February 2021

Day 6 – Hi, Bye Sydney…Hello Jerusalem Bay!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 6 is upon us. Overnight we made our way under sail south to a point just east of Sydney (could see Centre Point Tower) before a midnight tack had us heading back to the north towards Broken Bay. During the night, each watch completed an activity called the ‘Bearex’ where the watch leaders set a challenge to test teamwork and leadership. I’m pleased to report that 3 watches managed to complete the task, albeit in varying time frames. After being serenaded by some talented youthies for wakey wakey, the crew arose to slowly abating conditions…much to the excitement of the few youth crew still a bit green. After another entertaining morning brief and the obligatory ‘happy hour’, we rolled into rotational tacks, where the youth crew watches rotate to find out what the others do at tacking stations…good ground work for Command Day. After lunch and another round of rope races, we handed in sail and made our into Broken Bay and our overnight anchorage in the beautiful Jerusalem Bay. During the evening the youthies completed mid voyage talks, reviewing the first 6 days of the voyage, followed by a self reflection activity title ‘stop, start, continue. As I write we are settling into anchor watches for a peaceful night. That’s how I saw the day, below is the youth crew’s version of events…enjoy! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-Hello, The youthies started day 6 with the a teamwork BearEx challenge for each watch, which entailed rigging the storm jib, which is a sail that we have never seen. This required the watches to furl and de-rig the forestaysail during the middle of the night, using only a few diagrams. Which proved to be very difficult and a test of the watches’ leadership and collaboration. After going to bed, we were awoken to Em and the rest of the watches’ beautiful singing. The youthies were brought to the morning meeting where they witnessed another one of Salty and Co’s fantastic performances. We then practiced more tacking and wearing which lead us to the entrance of Broken Bay. Inside of the bay, the waters were calm which allowed the youthies to climb the mast and enjoy the magical views of the bay and the jellyfish. After anchoring in Jerusalem bay, Emma taught us some meteorology and how the wind currents are affected by the sun. We were then treated by another of Adam’s dinners, a seafood paella. After some down time, the youthies were brought together with the watches to do some reflection of themselves and the voyage. We look forward to our anchor watches overnight as we watch stars pass over! Goodnight from Eve, Ryan and Reese.


33 36s / 151 12 e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine, passing showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay (Broken Bay)