Captain's Log
21 June 2014

Day 6 – Heading South

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 6 of our voyage. By sunrise this morning we were located 10nm to the north of the Cumberland Islands sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and enjoying a pleasant 10-15kt south easterly. At morning brief Salty again amazed us with his nautical stories from days of old. This morning he enlightened us on the origins of the terms ‘Shake a Leg’ and ‘Son of a Gun’ with the Staff Crew providing theatrical support with props to bring Salty’s stories to life. On completion of Salty’s stories I announced to the Youth Crew that they had successfully demonstrated that they are safe at climbing the masts and they can now undertake this task without being accompanied by a Watch Leader. To reach this level by day 6 is a major achievement and the Youth Crew should be proud of their efforts thus far. Following lunch the ship was called to tacking stations and we conducted a good set of demonstrational tacks. This activity gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to come to the bridge and observe the orders and procedures which occur when we tack the ship (alter course, putting the bow of the ship through the wind). As always happens during this activity we were temporarily interrupted by the sighting of numerous whales. One thing that I have learnt in my time on Young Endeavour is that whales and dolphins will always beat any presentation given by yours truly. During their watches tonight the Youth Crew will sit down with their Watch Leaders and complete mid voyage chats and then undertake the ‘Apples and Onions’ exercise. On completion of these activities they will continued to fine tune their navigation and sailing skills in preparation for tomorrows Captains setting and furling drills and Captains challenge. Currently it is our intention to continue sailing south overnight to the Percy Island Group where we plan to anchor at Middle Percy Island late tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


21° 8' South / 149° 40' East


Currently located 13nm to the SE of Penrith Island sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate 12-15kt ESE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees.