Captain's Log
14 January 2014

Day 6 – Flinders Island

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at sea in transit between Deal Island and Flinders Island. White Watch woke the crew at 0700 with their Wakey-Wakey song attached. We experienced a heavy dew overnight and accordingly the decks were very wet, that combined with the thick low clouds we encountered as we approached our anchorage, made me think the weather wasn’t going to be good for our visit. I was wrong. The cloud burned-off relatively quickly during the morning to reveal blue skies, hot temperatures and a pleasant light breeze.After anchoring and a quick morning brief we put the crew ashore to participate in some beach games, organised by Super Evan, followed by some free time to enjoy the water and the beach.On return onboard it was lunch followed by Happy Hour and then getting the Ship ready for sailing. I gave my Sail Theory Brief Part 2 at 1430, after which Sumo ran the next edition of Ropies.After dinner we went to Tacking Stations to conduct Demonstrational Tacks, during which the crew cycled through the bridge to see what happens there when the Ship Tacks or Wears-Ship. This is aimed at preparing the youthies for Command Day. This was conducted in light conditions, however the forecast was for the wind to abate further so it was decided to make the best of what we had.The Ship will anchor tomorrow forenoon off Burnie, in preparation for Command Day.Until tomorrow.Yours AyeCaptain Mike  WHITE WATCH WAKEY-WAKEY SONG – TUE 14 JAN 14On the Young EndeavourWhat a wonderful placeOn the Young EndeavourAin’t no personal spaceIt means you’re on a boat for 11 daysIt’s a technology free oversea journeyOn the Young EndeavourWake up wake upWake up wake upWake up wake upWake up wake upIt means you’re on a boat for 11 daysDave’s got a big tummyCoz Aaron’s food’s so yummyOn the Young Endeavour.Wake up everyone.     “ 


40° 12' South / 147° 27' East


Weather: fine and sunny, Wind: 030/12 knots, Swell: nil, Temp: 23 deg. C