Captain's Log
V03/21 Sydney to Sydney
4 September 2021

Day 6 – Finally…Wind! All Hands to Tacking Stations!

Ahoy ship mates…Day 6…and finally, some wind! It’s been another busy day. Overnight the youth crew kept sea watches at anchor, completing a team work and leader ship challenge, the Bearex, and a navigation challenge. A still morning didn’t bode well for the day, however after a busy morning we upped pick at 1300 and made our way out into Jervis Bay. Perfect timing it would seem for no sooner had we set sails, then the breeze arrived…yeeha! A gentle 10-15 knots to start, and during our tacks gusting to over 30 knots…perfect conditions for a tall ship. I think all up we completed about 7 or 8 tacks. Great fun and valuable preparation for Command Day. The aim is to spend another day enjoying JB before commencing our transit back to Sydney in the late afternoon. And apparently there are some decent winds on there way…awesome! That’s it from me, I’ll hand you over to Lou and Elliot. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K———-Greetings from Louise and Elliot. Overnight, blue, red and white watches conducted a teambuilding exercise, which involved setting a sail we’d never heard of before. We also completed a navigation challenge in order to test our new found skills. White watch was lucky enough to catch the beautiful sunrise at 0630 over Jervis Bay from aloft. The rest of the youthies and crew had wakey wakey a bit later followed by a BBQ breakfast on deck. Then we had our morning brief with all our favourite characters, including another visit from Nanna. During happy hour we got to listen to some good old Queen and other classics. This was followed up with Captain Kenny’s simplified sail theory that made it much easier for us youthies to understand how to sail Young Endeavour, aided by a chalk diagram…until the rain washed it away.Next up was Ropies with today’s round on the Main Sail and Braces. We also had a bonus round which involved us scoffing down zooper doopers (red finished with an easy minute before the other watches). At this stage overall Blue Watch are coming in first, then red and white.Adam served up another delicious lunch and then we weighed anchor to prepare for sailing. Us youthies had never put in such a hard slog as we went into the afternoon setting, furling and tacking all the sails. We completed rotational tacks learning about everyone’s different jobs were for tacking. Then we completed demo tacks where Cap K talked us through tacking the ship, which gave us a better understanding of the tacking procedure and what actually happens.Once Captain Kenny was happy with our performance, watches were stood down for some well earnt rest. White watch (and Lou) climbed aloft to tie up the gaskets (sea furl) for the topsail and proceeded to the bowsprit to enjoy the rest of the journey to Greenpatch.Once anchored another wonderful dinner was served and the youthies mostly stayed below deck to enjoy each other’s company in the cafe. In all a tiring day but an unforgettable experience. Louise from Red Watch and Elliot from White Watch


35 07s / 150 44e


Wind: S at 6 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Calm Location: At anchor of Bristol Point, Jervis Bay