Captain's Log
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
11 September 2019

Day 6 – Enroute Nelson Bay…A Day Under Square Sails!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 6 already, and a day spent enjoying the delights of tall ship sailing. After our early evening departure from Jervis Bay we made the best of the consistent 20 knot southerly to sail our way north towards our next destination…Nelson Bay, Port Stephens. As I write the breeze has begun to ease and we are now motor sailing…no complaints though after a fine day under square sails. Big tick today for the youth crew with Captain’s Setting and Furling, where I test their sail handling skills. I am please to report that they all passed with flying colours…a high standard set. We should arrive in Nelson Bay in the early morning, with Sailmaster Jerome planning another busy time for all…which should include some time ashore…again. The youth crew are getting spoilt…great sailing with equally enjoyable shore excursions! That’s it from me, over to Ruby and Tom. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-
Captains Log: Day 6 – 09 November 2019
White Watch: Ruby and Tom
Ruby and Tom here, writing today whilst en route to Nelson Bay. White watch woke up at 0001 to some beautiful winds pushing us up the south coast past Shellharbour and Wollongong. The swell had calmed down from the previous day and the Young Endeavour was surfing the ocean waves.
After the late night on watch the white watch team enjoyed a sleep in until 0845. I think if it wasn’t for Harry’s Maritime rules of the briefing we all would have stayed in bed a little longer, luckily Harry knows how to keep a sleepy group of youthies awake. Harry and his little toy boats and markers enlightened us into the world of ‘how not to crash and sink a tall ship’. He gave us a crash course (pun not intended) on markers/ bouys and taught us about how to know if we have right of way or not. Some of us are still skeptical to the fact that he has never lost one of his toys overboard.
Thankfully most of us youthies have gotten our sea-legs because if we hadn’t it would have been a long day at sea, sorry dolphins it looks like you are going to have to feed yourselves now. Today the Young Endeavour was doing exactly what she was born to with all three of the square sails set cruising downwind at a steady pace. Most of the day was spent practicing setting and furling sails in preparation for the Captains exam in which each watch was put to the test setting and furling several sails without guidance from our watch leaders. Capt. K gave us the tick of approval and we are ready to take over the ship. After the exams (spoiler: everyone passed) each watch was rewarded with a family sized pack of Tim Tams for our hard work. Why is it that Tim Tams taste 10x better in the middle of the ocean than they do on land?
Tonight we all enjoyed another lovely meal from Zac (when is Zac’s cooking not amazing?). We inhaled the ‘leftovers Mexican Fiesta’ featuring some questionable burrito making techniques but it’s okay, your stomach doesn’t know the difference, right? Billy enjoyed eating a whole chile, apparently they aren’t even that spicy.
Shout out to Ms. Kovac, I don’t know if you’re reading this but I am sorry I didn’t hand in my Metropolis essay on Monday. I also didn’t bring my English homework like you told me to. I will try to make it up to you when I get back.
Tom is busy setting and furling but I am sure he would like to say G-day to his family, especially his older sister he misses you a lot.


33 10s / 151 57e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 030 Speed: 5 knots Location: Off the Central Coast