Captain's Log
16 November 2013

Day 6 – Crossing the Tasman

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained on a course of 290 making an average speed of 7 knots in the variable wind conditions. The first watch experienced a heavy shower while they were putting sea furls into the Topgallant and Topsail and got absolutely drenched.Blue watch woke the Ship at 0700 with their attached song. Today’s Morning Brief was attended by Salty who explained the nautical origins of the expressions ‘to have someone over a barrel’, ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ and ‘not enough room to swing a cat’. This was done with the help of the staffies to much hilarity from the youthies. Nana once again did her parade of shame with the clothing and belongings that had been left lying around, after which she taught the youthies the song ‘Peel peel bananas.After Happy Hour Sail Master Dion got the youth crew together for a chat and a couple of interesting challenges which lasted until lunchtime.Edition 3 of Ropies was held at 1430, which was followed by a Meteorology brief provided by Caitlin and Jen Jen.The fore and aft sails were set during the morning watch but as the wind abated they were handed-in during the afternoon. It is hoped we will get some wind overnight to enable us to arrive at the NSW coast as early as possible.We are closely watching the Speed of Advance (SOA) required to arrive off Sydney at 1200 on Wed 20. At the moment it is 7.1 knots and we are averagingt above that with the winds we have experienced so far. That is unusual for a westerly crossing as traditionally headwinds are experienced, which of course slow us down. So far we have only experienced 2-3 hours of these since departing Queen Charlotte Sound. The remainder has been assisting us. If we can arrive off Sydney by 1200 on Wed 20 that will allow us to conduct Command Day between an anchorage at Patonga, Pittwater and Sydney harbour, instead of having to start Command Day at sea.Yours AyeCaptain MikeBlue Watch (Blue Bloods) Wakey Wakey Song – Sat 16 Nov. 13Over the sea, over the seaSailing a tall ship, back to Sydney, that is for me!Up on the deck we work all dayUnder the sun we slave away.So get out of bed, you sleepy headOver the seaOver the sea, over the seaSailing a tall ship, back to Sydney, that is for me!On the deck we work hard all dayUnder the sun we slave awayThe bacon is frying, while you are lyingWake up and see. ps. A special Birthday wish to Bella from Grace. Thinking of you on your special night.    “ 


37° 26' South / 163° 13' East


Weather: Partly cloudy, Wind: 145 / 8 kn, Swell: southerly 1.5m, Temp: 15 deg. C