Captain's Log
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
23 January 2020

Day 6 – Bass Strait, the Rip, Rye…and Plenty of Wind and Rain!

Ahoy shipmates…Bass Strait…Tick! We appear to have timed our run across Bass Strait pretty well, avoiding the worst of the conditions. At 0700 we passed through ‘the Rip’ (the entrance to Port Phillip Bay) and anchored off Rye. It’s been a wet and windy day, but we have kept the youth crew busy. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will make an appearance, and the youth crew will get ashore…fingers crossed. Until then, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
What a day it has been, starting from the treacherous Bass Strait where we battled a storm front and the much anticipated bear exercise, now we are anchored in the beautiful Port Phillip Bay. It was a long night with Blue and White watch completing the bear exercise by successfully setting the storm jib, with no help from the staffie’s (go blue watch!). We were faced with sloping decks and spray pummeling those of us on the bow of the ship. It sure was a challenge but we worked well as a team to complete it. Those below decks didn’t get out of the storm either, with Shnitty (Kohdi) getting air born from his rack and been forced to sleep in the café. With an eventful morning we were very happy to hear that Jerome allowed us to rest for an additional hour. Once again we had quite the moral boosting brief with lots of special guests (Nanna), new sea shanties to learn in our spare time and fun, free facts. We then went into the ‘Happiest Hour’ of the day and cleaned the fore to aft. There was lots of dancing and singing but most of all quality cleaning taking place by all those in the Café (and 12 berth, especially Andy and Connor). Unfortunately the weather did not permit for any voyage to shore and the rope races had to be postponed due to the rain and high winds. None the less the youthies took this time to catch up on some much needed sleep, play trivia games and then partook in our mid voyage reflections. As the weather cleared up we took to mid-ships for our third set of rope races. It started off like any other race, Blue and Red head to head and White nowhere to be seen. It took a turn at the bonus round as the eating challenge fell to the youthies after much debate. It was a Zooper Dooper way to finish the race with Blue watch finishing far ahead with a strong team effort (Go Blue Watch). We had a great feed once again from Adam, with pork ribs and beautiful fruit salad. Lots of musical talent shining today bellow deck from the likes of Shaun, Lilly and Taish. It was another great upon the Young Endeavour!! Shout out to Blue Watch friends and family from Connor and Andy!


38 21s / 144 49e


Wind: W at 20 knots Weather: Overcast, clearing showers Sea: Choppy Location: At anchor off Rye.