Captain's Log
V05/19 Sydney to Newcastle
20 April 2019

Day 6 – Back to Sea, Sun and Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins!

Ahoy Shipmates…Day 6. A foggy morning gradually changed into another pleasant and sunny day on the water. Finn and Charlie have covered everything below so once again I’ll keep it short. After leaving Broken Bay mid morning we have kept the Youth Crew busy…only 1 more night at sea before Command Day! As I write we are to the east of Newcastle tacking our way north towards Seal Rocks. The mild conditions persist keeping the dreaded green goblin at bay. However smooth seas do not skilful sailors make…with stronger conditions forecast for Command Day, they will be tested. Evidence suggests they will rise to the challenge! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-

Day 6
Today we woke up at 0630 beautiful sound of jack’s voice singing happy birthday to Laura which was followed with the whole youth crew briskly walking around the upper deck admiring the foggy broken bay. To get the blood pumping we played a new game to many called knights and cavillers, which was won by Kenny and the birthday girl. For breakfast we had egg and bacon rolls on the upper deck, courtesy of Marcus and the kitchen crew. We had a morning brief at 0800 which commenced the activities of the day. We left the fog of broken bay in our wake as we set sailed of the open sunny seas. At 1030 Kenny ran a sail theory explaining the best way set sails in different wind angles. After the lecture Kai, Lara, Finn, Ti-Anna, Shae, Charlotte and Pat all ventured out onto the bowsprit, it was an amazing feeling of weightlessness and the entire crew witness a pod of up to thirty dolphins swimming alongside the Young Endeavour. Lunchtime! Magic Marcus prepared camembert stuffed chicken, veggies and creamy ravioli. After lunch each watch split up and practiced furling and setting various sails for our captain’s assessment which we will all be undertaking tomorrow. Blue watch started their watch while white watch got the opportunity to climb aloft to the lower top and sang sea shanties at the top of their lungs much to the dismay of those who had to hear. At 1600 we set up our tacking stations and each watch sent three crew members to the bridge to observe a demonstration of what the captain and sail master do during a tack, we completed four successful tacks the last being called by Flex (AKA Finn). At 1715 all hands crammed into the galley to sing happy birthday and present Laura with her birthday cake (black forest cake). White watch were first to have an amazing dinner of either Chicken Laska or meat pies with mash and gravy. Going into the night the youth crew is feeling quietly confident with their navigation skills and their helmsman-ship. A lot of crew members are successfully achieving their goals for the voyage that they set all the way back on day one. Shout out to our parents we’re having an absolute blast! We can’t wait to see you all on the 25th of April at Queens’s wharf.
Sending our love back home
Sincerely Finn and Charlotte 


33 02s / 152 04e


Wind: ENE at 12 kts Weather: Fine Sea: E at 1.0m Course: 010 Speed: 4 kts Location: East of Newcastle