Captain's Log
22 March 2014

Day 6 – At sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at sea sailing in a NE direction paralleling the coast approximately 30 nm offshore close-hauled against the northerlies. We awoke to a bright sunny morning and the voice of Sail Master Adam singing the Wakey Wakey song White Watch had written, while they watched the sunrise from the lower top platform.After the morning brief and Happy Hour the youth crew held their mid-voyage chats, facilitated by their Watch Leaders, which lasted until lunchtime. After lunch Sail Master Adam gave everyone some time to \’chill\’ and enjoy being out-of-sight of land for the first time during the voyage. Rope Races were held at 1330 to get everyone awake and thinking for I then gave Part 2 of my Sail Theory presentation which led into Demonstrational Tacks. This activity aims to help prepare the youthies for Command Day by showing them what happens on the bridge when we tack the Ship.We completed the final demo tack at 1530 and steadied-up motor-sailing in a NW direction at 5 knots.The intention is to remain at sea overnight in transit to Port Stephens. We will anchor there at noon tomorrow, after we have completed ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’, which is a sailing competency check I conduct to ensure the watches are safe to proceed to Command Day, followed by my ‘Captain’s Challenge’, which is a further opportunity for the youth crew to identify their potential leaders.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike     “ 


33° 9' South / 152° 17' East


Weather: fine, Wind: NE/13 knots, Swell: 0.5 metres from the east, Temp: 18 deg. C