Captain's Log
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 October 2018

Day 5 – Thunder and Lightening…and Nelson Bay

Ahoy Shipmates. Well today had it all. From a relatively calm morning to thunder, lightning and rain squalls. Sunrise found us just off Seal Rocks, so we went in for a fly by to ascertain the viability of anchoring there in the future. We then resumed our transit south and after a hearty breakfast we conducted morning brief, with Nanna being replaced by Aunty Ruth (not sure if they’re related), chastising the Youth Crew for not keeping the ship tidy! After a quick song at midships it was time for happy hour. It had been our intention to anchor at Broughton Island around lunchtime, but the heavy clouds looming on the horizon quickly developed into thunderstorms, with some spectacular lightning, and a dramatic deterioration in conditions. The decision was made to make for the more suitable shelter offered by Nelson Bay, arriving at anchor off the marina at 1330. After a quick round of rope races, the Youth Crew dispersed throughout the ship in their watches to conduct mid voyage talks, providing feedback on voyage progress thus far, both personal and in relation to the program. With wet conditions persisting, games below deck were the order of the day, as well as some down time. After dinner we conducted another feedback activity called apples and onions, where the Youth Crew provide each other with feedback on what they are doing well, and not so well…a challenging yet rewarding activity. Navigator James then gave the anchor watch brief, as the the Youth Crew will be assisting us in keeping the ship safe overnight. The conditions should ease slightly overnight and the sheltered anchorage should enable a good nights sleep for all. Tomorrow we hope to get the Youth Crew ashore for a while, before departing in the afternoon to continue the program at sea…fun times ahead! That’s it for now…no Youth Crew input tonight…too busy sleeping! As always, fair winds…Captain Kenny


32 42s / 152 08s


Wind: SE at 20 knots Weather: Overcast/wind and rain squalls Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Nelson Bay