Captain's Log
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
9 September 2021

Day 5 – The Hervey Bay breakout!

What’s up civilisation, how is it on dry land? White watch caught the sunrise while up on the foremast tying up our square sail gaskets, waking the rest of the V12 crew up with a poetic serenade put together in a whopping 5 minutes. We enjoyed our continental breakfast, getting caught up in a series of intense riddles spreading across the ship like wild fire. After brekky we jumped up on deck for our daily meeting, then reached our peak form during the happiest of all hours in the day. We then got our little sea monkey legs moving by tacking the ship, we also did some tacking, some wearing then some… surprise… tacking! We think it’s fair to say we are all tacked out. We played some more fully sick deck games. Some apple bopping, egg catching and Weet¬-bix scoffing. 8 points to white watch, 4 to blue watch and 0 to red watch. But that’s okay, because the reds are “cuol”. Matty delivered a masterpiece lecture on the road rules of the sea. Congregating us all in small groups making us hold fruit and potatoes and making us walk into each other. Looking forward to Floral Friday get ready for some spicy photos of fauna and floral clothes. We are having the time of our lives, command day isn’t far around the corner we’re hoping we don’t sink the ship. Tune in tomorrow for another zesty update. If it isn’t already apparent we’re going a touch bananas, which of course happens to be the sea monkey’s favourite food 🙂 Kind regards, yours sincerely the superior youthies (just kidding), by Lauren (regrettably Lozzy) and Connor “Conrod” Besson. MIC DROP!


25 03.3 S / 153 28.8 E


Weather: Clear. Wind: SE @10kts. Swell: SE @ 1m.