Captain's Log
10 August 2011

Day 5 – South West Rocks

Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day five of our voyage, after keeping anchor watches overnight our day commenced at 0630 with a wakey wakey song from Sail Master Tug to muster everyone onto the upper decks for an early morning activity to rouse all for breakfast and the morning brief. With a quick clean the ship was once again fresh and ship shape as the Youth Crew were transferred ashore to the historic convict built Trial Bay Goal for a special tour by the NSW Parks and Wildlife Rangers. This also enabled those who were struggling to adjust to the motion of the ship an opportunity to hug a tree which is a reputable cure for sea sickness. After spending the forenoon ashore all hands were back onboard by 1400 for a late lunch followed by two presentations covering Sail Theory and Navigation by the Commanding Officer and Navigator respectively. A large squall passed through the bay which was followed by benign and sunny conditions enabling a teak deck BBQ to be cooked by Watch Officer JB and myself whilst the Youth Crew gained some valuable respite in the scenic afternoon sunshine. After dinner had been eagerly consumed and the upper decks re-secured for sea, the ship weighed anchor and we bade farewell to South West Rocks and recommenced our passage south, motor sailing under plain sail into a fresh south westerly wind and half metre swell which posed no concern to our now seasoned Youth Crew. The intention is to remain at sea overnight continuing to make ground to the south utilising the East Australian Current to advantage. The Youth Crew have displayed remarkable teamwork and endurance today which will culminate with a teamwork and communications exercise during their night watch. Until tomorrow evening, take care. ‘Carpe Diem’ Yours Aye Captain Damien


31° 21' South / 153° 12' East


2300 at sea - weather overcast, wind SW 15 knots, swell S 0.5 metre, temperature 19 degrees, barometer 1011 hpa