Captain's Log
31 December 2013

Day 5 – Sea to Apollo Bay

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained at sea on passage eastwards along the VIC coast. Red watch woke everyone at 0700 with the attached song as we rounded Cape Otway. We then had breakfast and conducted Demonstrational Tacks to show the Youth Crew what happens on the bridge when the Ship goes to tacking stations to tack or wear-Ship. That took about 45 minutes after which we held Morning Brief, at which ‘Salty’ explained why we split the Dog Watches, with the benefit of some fine acting’, Nana taught us the song ‘When I was 1, I sucked my thumb’ and then we handed-in all sail as we approached our planned anchorage in Apollo Bay. By the time we had secured the Ship at anchor it was time for lunch. Following an hour’s free time, to do some washing etc, we conducted edition two of ‘Ropies’. The crew was then put ashore to play some sport, organised by Supernumerary Own, conduct mid-voyage chats facilitated by the Watch Leaders, and then have a couple of hours of free time to relax.The crew were back onboard by 1730 and we then opened the ‘big pool’ for a swim and broke-out the rope-swing for the first time during the voyage. On completion it was time for a slightly later dinner than normal. At 1930 we got the youth crew organised to climb the foremast to sea-furl the Topgallant sail and Topsail. This task was finished as the sun was setting. Once back on deck it was time for an upper-deck disco. Apollo Bay put on a set of fireworks for us at 2130 which looked great from our anchorage. The plan is to allow those who wish to see the New Year in to do so. It is understood there will be another set of fireworks at midnight and then we have asked everyone to turn-in after that. We have a busy day tomorrow and many of the crew did not sleep very well last night due to the incessant rolling at the mercy of the beam swell.The intention is to remain at anchor here overnight and, following a bit of a sleep-in, sail mid-morning to resume our passage to Port Phillip Bay.Until tomorrow,Yours AyeCaptain Mike—————————————————————- WHITE WATCH WAKEY WAKEY SONG – TUE 31 DECI’m a sleepy sailor, in a salty world.Wrapped in plastic, it’s fantasticWe can’t brush our hair or get undressed anywhere.Imagination, vomit’s our creationCome on sailors let’s go sailingUh Uh Uh YeahCome on sailors let’s go sailingOooh OoohSandy, why you gotta throw my heart in the sea?I don’t know I’m just that kind of guy Doug.So tell me what you want, what you really, really wantI’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.I wannaI wannaI wannaI wanna really, really wanna see you up on deck.    “ 


38° 45' South / 143° 40' East


At anchor in Apollo Bay - Weather: fine, Wind: 015 / 5 knots, Swell: nil, Temp: 17 deg. C