Captain's Log
3 March 2011

Day 5 – Port Stephens

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship remained underway motor sailing north through the South Pacific Ocean parallel to the New South Wales central coast under fore and aft sails on a close reach. Just as the sun crested the horizon Newcastle was abaft our beam with the ship manoeuvring around the numerous merchant vessels laying at anchor off this busy port. This kept the deck watches busy along with applying practical navigation techniques and conducting engineering rounds. In addition each watch conducted an unfamiliar team orientated task without instruction in a limited time; needless to say each of the watches acquitted themselves well and explored various methods of communication, leadership and teamwork. Wakey wakey at 0700 saw the on watch Youth Crew perform a stirring tune to arouse all onboard for a hearty breakfast, all hands were again back on the upper deck with vigour for the morning brief followed by happy hour as the ship received her daily cleanse. Next on the agenda were rotational tacks, where each watch rotated through the other two watches tacking stations, enabling each person to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the ship is tacked from each location during this important evolution. On completion all sails were handed in and the ship entered scenic Port Stephens anchoring in Nelson Bay adjacent the marina. Chef Sammi and her galley hands crafted a stunning buffet lunch ensuring that energy levels and morale were kept at a high level before the Youth Crew were transferred ashore in the ships sea boat to explore the delights of the foreshore. Whilst ashore each of the watches under the facilitation of their watch leader conducted mid voyage talks where each discussed individual and collective progression against their initial goals, then reset priorities and revised goals for the remainder of the voyage.After all hands had returned onboard Engineer Leon conducted round three of rope races which saw the non disappear from the non-competitive title as the watches gained confidence in the lay out and terminology of the ship in order to locate the various nominated items.After a magnificent dinner backlit with a crimson sunset the Youth Crew settled into anchor watches overnight. Our last five days at sea have seen a significant development in the overall journey of our young adventurers. As a team they have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Many have achieved goals they would never have thought possible at the commencement of the voyage showing true perseverance, determination and commitment. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight before weighing tomorrow morning and proceeding south. Until tomorrow evening.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


32° 42' South / 152° 8' East


2300 at anchor - Weather overcast, Wind SE 7 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 24 degrees, Barometer 1011 hpa