Captain's Log
29 April 2014

Day 5 – Middle Percy Island to sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,The Ship remained at anchor overnight with the Youth Crew keeping their first night anchor watches. This meant that only one member of each watch was up on deck for an hour, allowing the other members of the watch catch up on some much needed sleep as the Ship gently rolled in our sheltered anchorage off the NW shore of Middle Percy Island.The crew were woken by Sail Master Sandy at 0700 for a quick game of ‘Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers’ before everyone headed below for a shower and breakfast. After morning brief, at which Salty explained the nautical origin of the expression ‘Hi-Jacked’ and Nana taught everyone the song ’When I was one’, we launched into Happy Hour. At 0930 we started putting everyone ashore on the island. That took an hour as we were half a mile from the landing point, which is on the NW side of the island. It is a well-known stopover for yachties and has an A-frame hut at the back of the beach packed-full of memorabilia from visiting yachts. We left a sign there which included the Ship’s name and a list of the crew members of Voyage 06/14. Once everyone was on the beach the Supers Tweeds and Grizz ran some organised sporting activities for 30 min after which everyone was free to have a swim and relax on the beach. We then returned onboard. After everyone had eaten Haydo’s delicious lunch we weighed anchor and put to sea. This was followed by Rotational Tacks, which is an activity where the youth crew rotate through the other watches’ tacking positions so they get to experience what the other watches do when we wear or tack the Ship. This was the final activity before dinner. Tonight and tomorrow night we will remain at sea continuing our progress towards Mackay and our preparations for Command Day.Until tomorrow night, Yours aye,CAPT Mike   “ 


20° 35' South / 149° 40' East


Weather: passing showers, Wind: SE / 18 kn, Sea State:4, Swell: ESE / 2.0 m, Temp: 25 deg. C