Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
12 April 2019

Day 5 – Jervis Bay, Rope Swing…and Back To Sea!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 5…a cracker! We were treated to a glorious summer’s day in JB and, as usual, kept the youth crew busy (see below). We have departed Jervis Bay and are continuing our adventure northwards. Sadly the breeze is dying but never fear, more is on the way. I’ll hand you over to Lozza and Tom…until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-
Ahoy land lubbers! The ship is still afloat there are no holes and morale is good. Overnight we were at anchor and our fellow youthies had one hour watches and the staffie’s had their beauty sleep (salty needed it more than anyone). We awoke to a crisp clear morning at 0630. The turquoise waters were truly beautiful with the sun shining off them. Breakfast consisted of the most amazing pancakes we have ever tasted cooked on the barbie. Moring briefs consisted of the history of why the toilets are called the heads in which our beautiful navigator Harry came out as the figurehead (carving at the front of the ship) with pink locks. The figurehead was subjected to the rum loving cheeky jack (watch leader Lozza) where jack begged for permission to visit the heads. With raucous laughter we moved on to Nana. Now Nana…. She was not impressed with what we left on our bunks. Coming out in a diamond crop top and short floral skirt she handed out what we left out. With blushing cheeks and embarrassed looks we took out misplaced possessions back to our bunks and started cleano’s. After the ship sparkled in the sun we got dressed in our swimmers and were treated to an amazing surprise. We all either jumped off the bow sprit or tried our hand at the rope swing. The incredible Darc came out in hot pink budgie smugglers leaving boys swooning and girls cheering he successfully completed a double backflip on the rope swing. After an amazing lunch cooked by the very talented Keely we had a brief on the rules of road. With that done we set sail and white watch got the privilege of sitting on the bow spirit. Riding the swell we took in the truly beautiful view. Something that is a once in a lifetime view. We had a treat with dolphins coming up on the starboard side of the bow and playing. It is something I will never forget. We are having nothing but fun and I’m sure the rest of the youthies will join in with me in saying we’ve had the best experience so far, and we are sure it will continue.

Lozza and Tom


34 50s / 150 56e


Wind: SSE at 10 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Moderate Course: 030 Speed: 4 knots Location: Off Kiama