Captain's Log
23 October 2011

Day 5 – Jervis Bay

Ahoy there everyone,Overnight the ship remained at anchor in Long Beach, Beecroft Peninsula located on the northern reach of Jervis Bay. After anchor watches overnight the day commenced at 0700 with an Early Morning Activity followed by an invigorating morning swim followed by bacon and eggs rolls cooked by Chef Squizz on the upper deck. After a hearty breakfast below, all hands were again back on the upper deck with vigour for the morning brief during which time the ‘Salty Sea Dog’ Watch Officer Dion regaled us with tales of a bygone era when ships were made of wood and sailors were made of steel. Once ‘happy hour’ (cleaning stations) had been completed I presented the first lesson on sail theory to the Youth Crew in order to consolidate the practical aspects of the deck and sail work that they have been conducting during the voyage. After a magnificent lunch,  Engineer Mick held the next round of ‘rope races’, which saw the non disappear from the non-competitive title as the watches gained confidence in the lay out and terminology of the ship. We then sailed away from our anchorage avoiding numerous frolicking humpback whales and commenced demonstrational tacks where each person observed the command and control aspects from the bridge. These tacks consolidated the sail theory and practical deck work instruction. On completion of these tacks the ship exited Jervis Bay under three square sails, presenting a fine sight crewed by an insatiable Youth Crew on the quest for adventure and knowledge. After another hearty dinner, we could well possibly see some of the Youth Crew regaining the ballast that was discharged at the commencement of the voyage if appetites and second helpings are anything to judge by. It has been yet another busy and engaging day for the Youth Crew, who will be challenged overnight by completing an unfamiliar team orientated task with limited instruction in a set time, developing various methods of communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The navigation intention is to continue sailing overnight utilising the East Australian Current to continue making ground towards Eden. Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours Aye Captain Damien


35° 27' South / 151° 4' East


2000 at sea - weather scattered cloud, wind NNE 25 knots, swell N 1.5 metre, temperature 19 degrees, barometer 1017 hpa