Captain's Log
9 April 2010

Day 5 – Inner Great Barrier Reef

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship remained at anchor in Long Beach located on the south western shore of Great Keppel Island. Just after the sun crested the horizon the Youth Crew were energetically commencing their Early Morning Activity on the upper deck. After a hearty breakfast below, all hands were again back on the upper deck with vigour for the morning brief during which time the ���Salty Sea Dog’ Watch Officer Taffy regaled us with tales of a bygone era when ships were made of wood and sailors were made of steel. Once ���happy hour’ (cleaning stations) had been completed at 0945 the ship weighed anchor and we waved goodbye to beautiful Great Keppel Island and her azure waters and alluring beaches. The ship re-commenced motor sailing south east under fore and aft sails on a close reach port tack through the Inner Great Barrier Reef in light conditions. The remainder of the forenoon was used to climb aloft, set and furl sail and conduct some respite watching the dolphins frolicking in the ships bow wave. After a magnificent lunch from Chef Snowy, Engineer Leon commenced round four of ���rope races’, which saw the non disappear from the non-competitive title as the watches gained confidence in the lay out and terminology of the ship. Next I presented the first lesson on sail theory to the Youth Crew in order to consolidate the practical aspects of the deck and sail work that they have been conducting during the voyage. The remainder of the afternoon was spent either on watch or challenging themselves by once again proceeding aloft on the foremast, pushing their mental and physical barriers to achieve personal goals, build confidence and develop inner strength, determination and drive.To sustain the Youth Crew work rate and morale, Sensei Chef Snowy once again served up a truly inspirational meal with the help of his two apprentice master chefs (galley hands), this was followed by his famous ���kryptonite’ chocolate mousse rumoured to even stop Superman in his tracks!It has been another extremely busy and rewarding day for the Youth Crew. With the weather abating conducive to a peaceful nights sleep for all either side of a four hour bridge watch. The intention is to remain at sea overnight making ground to the south towards Fraser Island. Noting that it is Fathers Day tomorrow many of the Youth Crew have taken the opportunity to post a message below for their special Dad, as their phones are still being held in safe custody for the duration of the voyage. From the Youth and Staff Crew in Young Endeavour, to our one and only very special Dad’s, take care and have a Happy Fathers Day, our thoughts and wishes are with you always. Until tomorrow evening.Yours ayeCaptain Damien Happy Fathers Day Dad, Hope you have a good day, having fun, lots of love Adam Tonegato  p.s. Happy Birthday for Tuesday Mum Happy Fathers Day Daddy, Today I saw four dolphins, a shark and a sea snake. It was awesome. Missing you. Send my love to everyone. Luv luv, TibHappy Fathers Day, hope you have an awesome day. Love you lots and say hi to everyone for me, xoxo DahnaHey Dad, Happy Fathers Day! I hope your day is as awesome as my last few days have been. Sending lots of love to you all at home, AmandaHappy Fathers Day Dad, hope you have a great day miss you heaps. From Matt McNallyHappy Fathers Day Dad I hope you have a great day, miss you and hope you’re having fun. Love you HannahHave a great Fathers Day, have a cold one for me, Love CJHappy Fathers day dad =] love you lots��_.Love from Beck Poultney.Happy Fathers Day and birthday daddy dear! Hope everything is well, hope you get lots of prezzies and beer. All the love in the world from Kate xxxxRichard, Koby, daughter number 1 here. Happy father’s day and I hope you have an awesome day. Lots of love from the middle of nowhere. Koby xoHi Dad, Hope you have a wonderful fathers day. Love and miss you heaps. Can’t wait to see you on Friday. I’m having a great time out here! Lots of love, Rach  xoxoHi Mum and Cam, Having a great time��_ Dad, Happy Fathers Day if you see this! Love MaddieHi Dad, Have a fantastic day. I’ll give you your day’s slave labour when I get back. Miss you mate. Cheers. RayHey Dad, Happy Fathers day from the Pacific Ocean. Hope you have an awesome day, lots of love Sailor Matt JordanHappy Fathers day Dad, Just cruising outside Curtis Island, having heaps of fun and enjoying the weather. See you when I get home, Shaun H xoxoHappy Fathers Day Dad, I’m currently in the pacific ocean with little or no land in sight and I’m having the time of my life, will see you when I return. Love from Dave F. Thinking of you keeps me awakeDreaming of you keeps me asleepBeing with you keeps me aliveHappy Fathers day, DadCaptain Damien


23° 35' South / 151° 56' East


Scattered Cloud, Swell NE 1 metre, Wind NE 8 knots, Temperature 26 degrees, Barometer 1018 hpa