Captain's Log
25 May 2016

Day 5 – Heading North

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. A well rested Youth Crew were awoken by Sail Master Matt at 0630 and mustered up on deck to be greeted by rather cool morning but got to witness a spectacular sunrise while participating in an early morning activity.

Following the normal morning activities of breakfast, morning brief and cleaning stations I mustered everyone at midships and imparted some knowledge on sail theory and the intricacies on how to sail Young Endeavour.

Once completed we still had a spare hour before lunch so given the morning had now warmed up it was decided to rig the rope swing and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the crystal clear water of Jervis Bay. Most initially declined to participate in this activity due to the perception that the water was to cold but when they saw the Captain, some Staff and other Youth Crew jump in they quickly followed.

Early this afternoon we weighed anchor and while departing Green Patch set the majority of sails then in light conditions completed a very good set of rotational tacks within the confines of Jervis Bay. This was made a little more interesting today with a number of Warships and Navy Helicopters conducting exercises in the bay.

On completion of this activity we clewed up the squares, altered course to the east and departed Jervis Bay. Once in open water we shaped a course to the NNE and in moderate conditions commenced making ground to the north.

Overnight we will remain close to the coast so that the Youth Crew can consolidate some coastal navigation training and undertake the BEAREX which is a teamwork and communication exercise.

Despite there still being a rather large swell out here it appears that everyone has overcome their initial seasickness that they had during the first couple of days of the voyage and all are in very good spirits.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


34 39 S / 151 02 E


Currently located 30nm to the NNE of Jervis Bay motor sailing in moderate - light NW winds with a 2-3m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.