Captain's Log
1 July 2011

Day 5 – Great Oyster Bay

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship remained at anchor in Coles Bay under the imposing peaks of the Freycinet Peninsula. At 0630 all hands were up on deck conducting an early morning activity prior to morning brief and cleaning stations as the ship weighed anchor and proceeded into Great Oyster Bay setting sail in perfect sailing conditions. After a fulfilling lunch it was time for round three of rope races which saw some very close competition between the watches as the Youth Crew were becoming increasingly familiar with the terminology, layout and location of each item. Rotational tacks (altering course through the wind) were next on the agenda. This required each of the Youth Crew watches to rotate through each of the tacking stations positions and then observing the command and control aspects from the bridge. The ship conducted six tacks and one wear (turning the stern through the wind also known as a gybe in a yacht). This activity enabled each member to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how the sails and yards are handled during this important manoeuvring evolution. During the remainder of the afternoon as the ship made ground towards the next anchorage, the Youth Crew conducted mid voyage talks where each watch discussed individual and collective progression against their initial goals, then reset priorities and revised goals for the remainder of the voyage. As the ship neared southern end of the Freycinet Peninsula a man overboard exercise was conducted ensuring that all hands were practised in the techniques required to respond to this emergency situation. With the simulated object safely recovered and all sails handed in the ship anchored in the lee of scenic Bryans Beach.After a superb dinner Sail Master Kenny opened the Young Endeavour pool enabling all those willing adventurers the opportunity to swing from the course yard arm rope or plunge from the bowsprit into the invigorating, clear turquoise waters. The ambient air temperature did not dampen the enthusiasm as the Youth Crew executed some noteworthy acrobatic pirouettes, somersaults and water entries. Our last five days at sea have seen a significant development in the overall journey of our young adventurers. As a team they have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Many have achieved goals they would never have thought possible at the commencement of the voyage showing true perseverance, determination and commitment. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight before weighing anchor early tomorrow morning and proceeding north along the Tasmanian north east coast. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


42° 15' South / 148° 16' East


2300 at anchor - Weather scattered cloud, Wind n 3 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 22 degrees, Barometer 1010 hpa