Captain's Log
V03/20 Melbourne to Adelaide
2 April 2020

Day 5 – Farewell King Island…Hello Southern Ocean!

Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from a compliant southern ocean. It can get pretty nasty down here, but today mother nature has been kind. After leaving King Island early this morning, the remainder of the day has been spent with a heap of sail up motorsailing towards the north west…our dash across the southern ocean towards either Robe or Kangaroo Island. All dependent on weather and speed made good. Safe to say we still have at least 24 hours of sailing ahead of us, possibly more. Never fear, we have much still to achieve…we will keep them busy. Enough from me, I’ll hand you over to the gang from Red Watch. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
Captains Log Day 5
Today was glorious! Following our anchor watches throughout the night, we started off on a high waking up to “Footloose” and playing some team building games up on deck before raising anchor and setting off towards Robe, SA. Going around the southern side of King Island we were expecting some more rough seas on our journey into the open ocean but were met with some stunning weather and favourable winds that made for some smooth sailing. All the watches were able to practice their setting and furling skills on almost all sails on the ship and we are proud to say that we were able to do this with almost no help from the staffies – this really shows how far we’ve come in the last couple of days! The sunny skies also made for some great conditions to climb the masts, go out on the yards and up on the bow sprit for many to enjoy the view. From here we spotted numerous sea life throughout the day – from dolphins, to seals, even some whales! How lucky are we?!
After lunch, competitive spirits soared with our daily rope races, testing us on our knowledge of the Main Sail and tacking lines. I’m happy to report that the Red Watch is just edging the lead but anything can still happen as we come up to Round 4 of the races tomorrow! Post the races all watches got to rotate their positions for tacking, giving us a valuable opportunity to broaden our perspective by seeing the hard work everyone else does. Every hand on every line has an important job and is valuable to the final outcome. We also got to set the Main Gaff Topsail for the first time, aiming to give us some more speed and showing another side to the beautiful Young Endeavour.
We were once again spoiled at dinner with chicken soup, chicken kiev and roast pork. Thanks again to our lovely Chef Keely for being an all round legend and magician. We are sailing through the night tonight, rotating through 4 hour watches of steering on the helm, looking out for other vessels and markers, doing engineering rounds and keeping the ship on course. We are looking forward to being able to appreciate the incredible night sky.
Shout out to all of our families reading this and following along our journey. We are almost half way through! Hope you don’t miss us too much,
Tana, Josh and Lena 😉


39 34s / 142 40e


Wind: S at 15 knots Weather: Fine and sunny Sea: Moderate (3-4m southerly swells) Course: 305 Speed: 8 knots Location: 65nm south of Warrnambool