Captain's Log
29 September 2013

Day 5 – Eden to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship remained in the sheltered anchorage at Snug Cove, Eden. We awoke at 0630 to the sound of the Ship’s fire alarm. Having evacuated everyone to the upper decks and sent standing sea fire party to investigate we found a smoke alarm in the café had been activated as a result of a build up of smoke from cooking activities in the galley. This had been caused by the midships ventilation fans being too low and the galley mushroom vent being inadvertently shut. Anyway the situation was quickly sorted and it was on with the morning routine:Breakfast – Morning Brief – Happy HourStaffies launched the seaboat at 0900 in preparation for landing the crew. It was a gorgeous morning, sunny, blue skies and not a breath of wind. The crew had some free time before going ashore which they used to do some washing and hang damp gear in the sun to dry. Watch Officer Jen commenced boat runs at 1000 and the crew were all ashore by 1040.At 1300 the Tall Ship Lord Nelson entered Twofold bay and berthed alongside in Snug Cove. A good crowd of locals were on the wharf to welcome her. Two shredded sails indicated that her passage across Bass Strait had been tougher than ours.The last of our returnee crew members returned onboard and we embarked the seaboat and weighed anchor and proceeded to sea at 1600. Unfortunately the wind had veered to a Nor’ Westerly requiring us to motor-sail to enable us to make ground north towards Sydney.It is planned to visit Jervis Bay tomorrow and anchor in Honeymoon Bay for a swim and sports day on the beach, before resuming our passage to Sydney. Discussions with the Captain of Lord Nelson revealed her plans to remain in Eden until tomorrow afternoon. It is planned for the two Ships to rendezvous on the morning of 03 Oct for a photo opportunity prior to conducting the ceremonial entry into Sydney Harbour. The two Ships have something in common. They were both designed by the Britich yacht designer and naval architect Colin Moody, whose son Max is in Australia to photograph the two Ships at sea under sail together.Until tomorrow.Yours AyeCaptain Mike PS. I have finally posted some photos on past log entries for the voyage so far so please review the log entries up until now to check them out. I will do my best to post photos each day from now on. I appear to have overcome my technology issues!    “ 


37° 4' South / 149° 54' East


At anchor in Snug Cove at 1600 : Wind - 335/10 kn, Weather - fine and sunny, Swell - nil, Temperature: 18 deg. C