Captain's Log
V05/19 Sydney to Newcastle
19 April 2019

Day 5 – Broken Bay and Patonga Beach

Ahoy Shipmates and greetings from Broken Bay. After another pleasant overnight transit we made our way to anchor off Patonga Beach just before lunch, ferried the Youth Crew ashore after lunch, welcomed them back on board for a climb, teak deck bbq and as I write they have settle in for a movie on the upper decks (historical content only!) We will remain at anchor overnight before heading back to sea tomorrow morning to make our way north. I’ll keep it short, Sarah and Avena have very eloquently summed up the days activities so I’ll hand over to them. Fair winds, Captain Kenny———-

Day 5 – Arising early at 0320, we started off our day with a great Youthie concoction (boiling water, two heaped teaspoons instant coffee, half a teaspoon of Milo and make sure to burn the coffee). This got us all bright and awake for our very first team unassisted challenge – setting the Storm Jib – a sail which we had never set before, had very misleading and limited instructions and overall, it was in the dark!
With a 2 6 Heave it was up and set.
Climbing up the mast for a beautiful sunrise (mind you, the sails were in the way), we decided we would compose and original piece (lyrics below) in order to wake up the Youthies to another day aboard STS Young Endeavour. Meanwhile, Timmy was in the galley slaving away over some hotplates, making sure everyone was full and fed – an essential task.
At 0900 after our daily morning brief from Guvvy and another visit from Salty Sea Dog and surprise Sir Nelson and a well-dressed duck, we entered in the happy hour – the happiest hour of the day. Tracey lead an interesting ‘rules of the road’ brief in which we learned that pretty much everything gives way to a tall ship.
Marcus cooked us up yet another gourmet burger meal to get us ready for an ashore visit to Patonga. Pheobs set up some amazing games of ‘Bang’ and ‘Giddy Up’. Some fancied a bush hike whilst others ate at the only shop in town, collected seashells for anklets and chilled out from the crazy five days.
From the crowd admiring Young Endeavour, an elderly lady began speaking to us and GOLLY GOSH, SHE ACTUALLY KNEW WERE GALSTON WAS!!!!
For our second climb of the day, single-a Aron, Pat T, Sarah and Timmy daringly climbed all the way to the Topsail Yard to reattach the gaskets all while holding hands, bracing ourselves in case we fell (a bit terrifying but we are well on our way to conquering our fears).
Just had another great feed from Marcus – Cheffie with the banging music – settling down into shifts of anchor watches tonight.
Despite not having nearly enough sleep most nights, we are getting into our groove and our own little family is quickly forming.

Written by Sarah and Avena (AKA Timmy)

Shoutout to Mum, Dad and Mads love you guys and miss you heaps. – Avena

Shout out to mum, dad, the twinny, Hudson and the ponies- Loving it heaps, having an absolute blast but missing you heaps!- Sarah

Red Watch Wakeup Song
Wake up Young Endeavour
This is what we gotta do (x3)
Walk the plank,
Set the sails,
Climb aloft really high
If you want some of Marcus’ pie
White watch have some brekkie,
So you can come up on the deckie.
Morgy needs a cup of coffee,
So please get up and wakey wakey!
It’s Floral Friday, Friday,
Get your floral tops on for Friday!


33 33s / 151 16e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine Sea: Negligible Location: At anchor off Patonga.