Captain's Log
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
22 January 2020

Day 5 – Bass Strait…and Hello Victoria!

Ahoy shipmates, and greetings from Bass Strait. After passing through the Banks Strait (between Tassie and Flinders Island) in the early hours of the morning, we have spent the day sprinting across Bass Strait, hoping to avoid a strong westerly front. We are almost there…and the wind has just shifted to the south west at 25 knots…our timing may be perfect (we hope). We aim to pass through the ‘rip’ (entrance to Port Phillip Bay) around 0700 tomorrow morning, before heading to anchor off Rye. Wish us luck. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.
Captain’s Log Day 5
Ahoy there landlubbers and shipmates! We are currently battling the sea, crossing the Bass Strait and passing the southernmost point in Victoria. Luckily for us tighty whities (white watch), we were able to get a good night’s sleep after First Watch (2000-0000) until being gracefully woken the angelic voices of red watch! After an interesting performance by the staffie’s (Blakey and Snowy we’re looking at you- WOOF) to boost morale, the sun decided to make a guest appearance and bring back warmth on this sub-Antarctic trip. Whilst other watches slept like bilge rats or soaked up the sun on deck, us whities were on watch – jamming to Johnny Farnham is hard work! After refueling with a hearty meal of curry and roast beef, we tested our fore and aft sail knowledge in our daily game of rope races! For a bit of added fun we played a game called WHA, where Archie and Isaac (Bobby) made great (slightly ferocious) cows. In the hopes of reliving iconic moments from Titanic, a small group of us climbed out onto the bowsprit, winds blowing, seas rolling. Schnitty (Kohdi) and Ariana made striking eye contact with a Brown Fur Seal who wanted to join our chill out sesh. It had been a day of hard work for us whities so we had a bit of a siesta (with permission of the Captain of course), to get ready for our next watch. During our watch so far we have had a few sudden wind changes, which meant we had to change a few sails around so it would be a safer journey. Tomorrow we hope to arrive in Port Phillip Bay, anchor and go for a bit of a chilly swim. Hopefully we don’t end up in Davey Jones’ locker tonight, as we finish crossing the Bass Strait. No sightings of the Kraken yet! Big shoutout to all our friends and family that made this all possible especially grandma (jenna), Mum (Deb) Dad (Glen) and sis (Lala). From white watch: Kohdi and Katrina. Love ya.


39 16s / 145 50e


Wind: SW at 25 knots Weather: Overcast, passing showers Sea: Moderate Course: 310 Speed: 9 knots Location: South of Cape Liptrap