Captain's Log
V13/21 Brisbane to Brisbane
22 September 2021

Day 5 – Back to sea we go

After a night filled with 80 minute watch rotations while anchored at the bewildering Rainbow Beach, a well-deserved slumber was in store for the youthies. Fast forward to 6:50 am this morning, as the ship rocked like a cradle, it could be assumed that everyone was indulging in their beauty sleep. Everyone but Emma. Unfortunately, the disappointment of the youthies was shining as Emma awoke everyone to her cover of ‘Hooked on a feeling’. Obviously, the song got people moving and the groans in the male cabin quickly turned into a hollering of motivation. This hollering was belted out as Mikey, Luke and Tom tried to push themselves to the limit in the daily fitness competition. After a cheeky flex from Tom, Mikey swung the competition into his favour, starting yet another day with a victory under his belt. Go Mikey! After a shower and a scrumptious breakfast provided by the one and only, Keely, a morning brief was called at the ‘bridge’. After Emma, Keithy and Captain Charlie’s briefs, Salty (the ship’s resident pirate) made an appearance. This was followed by a ‘road rules’ brief by Mike, which outlined the specific buoys and objects to look out for, as the command day was quickly approaching. A call to the tacking stations by Emma was met with open ears, as each watch group got into position and managed to successfully pull off the task. After tacking, Reggie, in a different coloured bucket hat, got us going with another round of Rope Races. This was backed up by a sail theory lesson from the Captain himself, which was then followed by another tacking exercise, where all hands were needed on deck. Once tacking was finished, a downtime was just what the doctor had ordered. After several youthies were chosen to climb, everyone else relaxed on deck. As the swell surged and the ship rocked, people began to slide. Later, an impromptu dance party was held on deck, with Tori, the resident of the ‘zen den’, being in charge of the tunes. After another delicious dinner by Keely, blue watch were set to relieve white watch of their duties.


25 25 S / 153 35 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: SE @ 20kts. Swell: SE @ 2m. Temp: 14.