Captain's Log
13 September 2012

Day 5 – At Anchor Jervis Bay

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day five of our voyage. A well rested crew awoke to a fine South Coast. Given our picturesque anchorage we decided to commence the day with a refreshing (somewhat cool) swim followed by an alfresco BBQ breakfast served on deck. Once everyone had finished breakfast preparations were made to sail and at 0900 we departed our anchorage. Once in open water the ship was brought under a modified sail plan which included the setting of all three squares. As forecast a front was moving up the NSW Coast so it was our plan to take full advantage of this southerly frontal system and head north to Jervis Bay. As predicted the wind strengthened from the south east to 25-30kts with a 2m following sea. These conditions are ideal for Young Endeavour and during our passage we were consistently achieving speeds of 9-10kts. These conditions, which included torrential rain, challenged the Youth Crew and it was pleasing to see how well they worked together as a team to sail the ship. Given our boat speed it only took us just over 3 hours to travel the 30nm to reach Jervis Bay and at 1300 we made an impressive entry into this spectacular Bay, fittingly escorted by a pod of playful dolphins. Once in the confines of the bay sail was handed in and we proceeded to our planned anchorage at Green Patch which provides good shelter in these strong southerly conditions. Once at anchor the Youth Crew proceeded aloft (climbed the mast) and in heavy rain put sea furls on all the square sails and the mainsail. This evening, following another one of Squiz’s fantastic dinners we conducted the ‘Apples and Onions’ (communication) exercise which will be followed by a trivia quiz prepared by \’Quiz Master\’ Dave. This activity will complete the day’s program and the Youth Crew will then settle into anchor watches overnight. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight to let this southerly front pass through then continue north later tomorrow after achieving a number of other sailing activities within the confines of Jervis Bay. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


35° 7' South / 150° 43' East


Currently at anchor at Green Patch (Jervis Bay) and experiencing moderate 10-15 SE winds with nil swell. Current temperature is a chilly 8 degrees.