Captain's Log
V04/20 Adelaide to Melbourne
17 February 2020

Day 5 – A Perfect Day at Sea

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. It’s been one of those perfect days at sea with great weather, plenty of enjoyable activities and numerous visits from pods of dolphins. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Jake and Ryan from White Watch to tell you all about our day. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav
The day started off early for some of the Youth crew with Sea Watches overnight. At morning breif we had a visit from Salty a veteran sailor and unfortunately an All Black’s fan. Salty told the crew about the Cat of Nine Tails it was laden with numerous puns and was followed by Ivanka’s much more entertaining weather and navigation brief. This was succeeded by a talk by Captain Gav explaining about making mistakes and learning from them. After the Captains address we were to partake in the Happiest hour of the day, which involved large supply of detergent and elbow grease. Next the Youth crew were welcomed into day 5 by a pod of dolphins that were sighted off the port bow. After this encounter with the friendly locals the Youth Crew took some to clean some dirty clothes in a modern state of the art washing machine which includes buckets and pegs. Meanwhile many youthies continue practicing the skill of climbing the foremast and experiencing working out on the yards. This helped them to prepare for setting the square sails that will be required in days to come.
After an amazing lunch which involved stuffed garlic chicken and some lamb chops which was prepared by the Young Endeavour’s very own celebrity chief, Keely, the Youths were briefed by Keith who discussed the road rules of the ocean. This was put into action with the overtaking of a large cargo ship and multiple small fishing boats. These skills are important as the Youth Crew will take command of Young Endeavour in a couple of days and need to ensure the ship remains intact. Sail handling drills were conducted throughout the afternoon requiring the setting and furling of various sails, again preparing the youthies for command day. There has been significant improvement over the last five days and the crew is starting to come together as a team and a family. For dinner our wonderful chef Keely prepared potato bake, butter chicken and roast beef amongst various vegetable and salads. The youth crew have also developed skills in the kitchen thanks to Keely shown through there incredible caramel slice for dessert.
Sea watches will continue throughout the night as we cross the border into Victoria and continue on our set course to Port Fairy. Tonight we will have to move the clocks forward half an hour as we cross the time zone going into Victoria.
Signing out,
Jake and Ryan from White Watch


38 26.0 S / 141 19.6 E


Currently located 17nm to the SW of Portland Bay sailing under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate 10-15kt SSW winds with a 1.5m SE swell and the temperature is 18 degrees.