Captain's Log
V11/19 Gladstone to Brisbane
13 July 2019

Day 5 –

What happens when you combine nine youths, an unknown challenge, a late night and remove the staff? An amazingly successful team building exercise, that’s what! The youthies were flung from their comfort zones and managed to climb aloft, while underway, setting and furling the square sail, storm jib and the main gaff topsail for the first time, all the while maintaining watches, without any instruction. They rose to the challenge spectacularly. Well done youthies.
Dawn rose crisp and clear with a gorgeous sunrise as we made our way towards Lady Musgrave Island. On the way we had an informative lecture on avoiding collisions (always important) and competed in our daily rope races. Well done to today’s winners, blue team, for finally making it onto the board 😉 This was followed, as always, by a truly delicious lunch provided by our expert chef: Marcus and his masterchef minions.
On arrival we dropped anchor before our watches took turns snorkelling on the reef, with black tip reef sharks, turtles and an array of colourful fish enjoyed by all. There was also a bit of excitement when a whale decided to come and say hello, breaching a mere 15m or so from the starboard bow.
Our youthies also tested their strength and flexibility in a planking-stretchy-kinda game, before a BBQ dinner overlooking the sunset. Once again another challenging, action-packed, fun day.
Shout outs to all my Atherton family and friends, who are undoubtedly enjoying the rain. P.S. Not a cloud in the sky down here ;D
Also to family and friends in Toowoomba and Brisbane. Missing you all. Don’t worry I’m applying sunscreen every 10 minutes and my new friends have set up a ‘Percy watch’ to keep me out of the sun. I should only come back looking mildly like a tomato.
We cannot wait for tomorrow, stay tuned to hear all about it.
Jess and Percy signing off.


23 53.2 S / 152 26.4 E


Wind: NW 7kts. Sea: 0.1m. Swell: Nil. Temp: 20.