Captain's Log
2 April 2015

Day 46 – More Headwinds

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 46 of our voyage. Well the weather gods continue to hinder our progress with strong headwinds now experienced for the past 24hrs which has slowed our boat speed down to 6.5kts under main engines. We battle on with the hope that these conditions will moderate tomorrow so that we can reach the Pilot Boarding Area, embark our Pilot then complete our long pilotage into Buenos Aires.During the past week our resident Medic Lauren has been doing some medical training with the Crew and decided today to see our they would react if they had some real casualties. So at afternoon brief both Lauren and Jodie put on some fake wounds and fake blood and came out on deck screaming. Once the initial shock had warn off the Crew reacted immediately by applying the correct bandages and providing appropriate medical care for our two very good actresses (pictures included in tonight’s Log).Writing tonight’s Log is Effie who kindly volunteered her to do this during her Watch. Enjoy reading about our day and thanks again Effie for tonight’s Log.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptain’s Log 4th FebAnd here we are again, my faithful followers, crashing into an oncoming swell with the wind steady on our nose. Beautiful sailing conditions… if we were heading south.But we endeavour North against all odds, eager to reach the fair airs of Buenos Aries. The mercury continues to rise, which is both a blessing and a curse. Though most of us seem to cope with the trade off of sweaty, stagnant berths for an hour or six of defrosting on deck. Hopefully our creamy fair complexions will be transformed into bronzed gods by the time we once again reach civilization. Some of us have a long way to go…The return of summer also brought with it a return to our old favourite rivalries in rope races. The competition was fiercer than ever after the gruelling refresher course of the Southern Ocean and as usual a few dirty plays were thrown in. To shake things up we began with the boys versing the girls and the stakes set high. The losers would have to make all the brews for the opposite gender for the rest of the trip. Naturally the girls pulled through and I’m looking forward to sitting back while my delicate green tea is brewed to perfection.Unfortunately our dear ship hasn’t been subject the same respites, pushing on into the oddly murky green water. The old girl is battling forward despite the whispers of her weariness in the woodwork. It doesn’t make it seem too arduous a task to scrub her up pretty for port, which I’m sure will be on the agenda soon. So today’s unsolicited shoutout goes to our number one girl, Young Endeavour. Making the sisterhood proud.Hopefully you will all be hearing from us personally soon as we begin our wifi pilgrimages in Buenos Aries so I’ll leave it a short one. Hope everyone is doing well and sending us all your prayers, wishes, good luck charms and ritualistic sacrifices for fair winds.Yours truly, sunkissed and, to keep Mum happy, possibly putting on weight,Effie.I must add a formal amendment to a previous log, which stated Matt handed over a glow of contacts on the horizon. He was in fact ‘right in the middle of it all’ and ‘working very hard.’ Gold star material there.   “ 


36° 19' South / 55° 58' West


Currently located 80nm to the south of the Buenos Aires Pilot Boarding Area and experiencing strong NE winds with an unpleasant 2m swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees.