Captain's Log
6 March 2015

Day 41 – Rough Conditions

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 41 of our voyage. Today the conditions have deteriorated again and at the moment we are fighting against 25-35kt northerly winds with a 2-3m swell. The good news it is not meant to last and if the weather forecaster has got it right conditions should start to improve from midnight tonight, just before we are about to enter the Bay of Biscay.Given the poor weather conditions it has been a relatively quiet day onboard with not a lot to write about, that said, our World Voyagers still keep coming up with different things to entertain themselves and one of these is writing tonight’s log in ‘Pirate Speak’. Hopefully you will still be able to understand it and get a laugh from the exploits of our very witty crew!! EnjoyUntil tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Captains Log: 03 June 15(Read this in a piratey voice YARRR!!!)YARRRRR!!! Me Hearties!! At this time we be abeam Cabo Finisterre and be in the Bay of Biscay soon. Today we had a relaxin one with some of the activities planned walking the plank due to some rolling of the deep. We started this fine day with our usual mornin brief with our celebrity sailmaster Zac telling these scurvy sea creatures what the plan of the day was to be. Sailmaster Zac sent those salty seadogs below decks to scrub the ship clean. For this beist no animal pen. YARRRR!!! Some scoundrels (Mint Watch) held a mandarin eating competition where a whole mandarin must be placed into their mouths before the chewin commenced, all to stop these scurvy ridden dogs from getting gangrene.We were then told to feed our bellies to gain some strength in case we must be setting the sails. The motors be pushing this vessel momentarily to get to our destination but we must be ready in case the winds decide to change. Shut eye was granted to the rowdy crew who be rioting in the café. Sent forward for some salty slumber in their racks they were YARR!! Ropies be given the marchin’ orders cos the high seas be too high for us youthies. Danger be rife at midships and thus the sleepin’ stayed asleepin. Crewies were then shown a thing or two, given a lesson on rounding cape horn from Cap’n Irving Johnson (1929) on the ship ‘Peking’ which now be living in the water off New York. He be a fearless cap’n in his day when cargo was king, scaling the ratlins without harnesses and skirting around without motors on the roughest of rough seas YARRR!! Some severe cabin fever resulted in some of the craziest crewies to take on the bowsprit cheerin the deep blue to give it their all. A mouth-watering feast was then made to satisfy the grumbles in our tummies, YARRR thanks Jenko, Dan and James. Then it be time for Mint Watch to take back the ship and here we arrrgghh.Now time to make the shift back to normal speech, it’s Wednesday evening and we are excited to take command of the ship on Friday! With only 9 sleeps to go this voyage has been the trip of a lifetime. 50 days down to our last 9, it has gone by so fast and we will all be very sad to leave Young Endeavour behind. Time to say fair winds and fine sailing for now. Until the next sunset,Mon (Monte Carlo), Tom, Zac and Mint Watch.Shout outsHey Mum and Lauren, hope alls well back home. Still feeling sea sick which sucks and we are heading into heavier conditions so should be interesting! I was sailmaster for the day today and it went fairly well and I had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you both, lots of love ZachOla Mum, Dad, Darc, T.Doyle and all the rest of you wacky characters back home. Cabin fever has well and truly set in – affectionate biting is the order of the day and several of us have been dancing our way through watches in order to keep warm in the wee small hours. Tummy’s feeling a little odd too – can’t work out whether it’s here or there in the rolling seas. Should be a package arriving for you in a bit containing a belated Mother’s Day present for Mum (the mug from Greece) and a belated (and humorous) birthday present for T.Doyle (paste with interesting properties from Turkey). Much love – Able Seaman Doyle.Hey Spreyton Primary, 2/3 Crowden and Mum & Dad,Hope all is going well at home. Feels a bit strange knowing that our time on the ship is coming to an end, it’s been such an adventure and I’ve enjoyed every bit of the journey. As the log said we have Command Day coming up, sound’s a little scary but I am certainly looking forward to it. Am a little hopeful for a brief visit to France- its all rumours but have our fingers crossed. Either way London shall be a pretty great week- with the hint of possibility of Amsterdam! Adventure Ted continues to enjoy himself/herself and goes on many secret and wonderful adventures around the ship- you never know where she has been. Must be off- climbing the mast in 2-3m swell now! Much Love xxThinking of everyone at home today and remembering happy memories, Happy Birthday to my lovely Grandma. Love you all, Kirra. xoxoHey folks, just got wet at the bow then climbed up to the lower top and dried off. Good times. Food continues to flow at a steady pace which is keeping me in high spirits, can’t believe the trip is nearing an end but I’ve had an absolute ball. Few of us are getting a bit loopy on watch but it’s all good fun and games to pass the time when it’s cold and dark! Lots of love, hope all are well back home in Melbourne and abroad. Tom xHeya guys, Hope everyone at home is well. I can’t wait to tell you of all my adventures on the high seas. My wrist continues to get better; I don’t even have to wear the brace all the time!! Thinking of you guys but lovin life. Love mon xxxHey Mom, hope your travels are going well so far. Stay safe and don’t play up too much and I’ll ses you in South Hampton. Dad, hope you’re arm is alright and you have a speedy recovery, cool that you get work off though! See you when I get home. To the rest of you scurvy dogs, keep soaking up the good vibes, I’ll be home before you know it. Love Jacob x” 


42° 52' North / 9° 30' West


Currently located 25nm to the south of the Bay of Biscay and experiencing very strong 25-35kt Northerly  winds with a 2-3m NNW swell. Current speed is a slow 3kts and the temperature is 13 degrees.