Captain's Log
V07/19 Brisbane to Mackay
14 May 2019

Day 4 – Wind, Whales, Dolphins…and Farewell Green Goblin

Ahoy shipmates…Day 4…another very enjoyable day under sail! Now that we are inside the Great Barrier Reef conditions have moderated somewhat…much to the relief of the youth crew. Unfortunately the conditions precluded our planned visits to Lady Musgrave and Heron Islands…on to Great Keppel Island! Today was filled with the usual morning antics…breakfast, morning brief (including a visit from our resident housekeeper, the much beloved Nanna), happy hour and a rules of the road (at sea) brief from Watch Officer Phil. After another delicious lunch rope races round 2 entertained us all, with Blue Watch making a comeback. It was then into rotational tacks (see below) and some more sail handling before the youth crew settled into watches overnight. We should arrive at our anchorage at Great Keppel in the early hours of tomorrow morning, and although the youth crew have now found their sea legs…I’m fairly certain they’re are looking forward to some dry land action! Until tomorrow…fair wind, Captain Kenny.———-

Captains Log
Day 4 – White watch
White watch started the day at 8 o’clock in the morning for our morning watch. Everyone who suffered from sea sickness is now feeling good, no more banana smoothies. I’m pretty sure everybody’s hands are red raw from the amount of lines we were pulling today setting sails and heaving. Today was a good day because nobody in white watch was feeding the fish over the side of the ship. (Zoe)
Breakfast was able to be enjoyed today, which was brilliant, although there now seems to be more washing up and people in the galley, which isn’t a bright note for some. The bananas have been untouched and the decks cleared from the whining of sick youthies. With those challenges down more have come to face us, today’s just happened to be learning each others tacking stations. There are three watch groups and the sails were all changed four times, with all youth hands on decks. We all thought we were free by the third time un till, everyone was told we were going the wrong way. After the fourth change, there were a lot of appreciation for each other and for the fact that we were done. Now, that everyone is ‘ready to face the world, now that they aren’t sick’ the vibe and attitude is great, even when learning the hard way that high fives aren’t great with red sore bruising hands. (Sammy D)


23 26s / 151 23e


Wind: SE at 15 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Mild Course: 309 Speed: 5 knots Location: NE of Gladstone