Captain's Log
2 February 2010

Day 4: The Wonders of Jervis Bay

Hi Everyone, We had a great nights sailing and all watches were kept busy. The Red Rockets, led by Shayne had a battle on their hands in their attempt to set the Fisherman Sail and when the Mighty White Watch came on, it was up to Paul and Sammi and their team to finish sea furling the Fisherman. Good progress has been made in the last couple of days sailing and the Youth Crew are putting in a great effort to all that is being asked of them. This morning was fine with a north easterly breeze at 12-15 knots which made for some really pleasant sailing to our desired destination. By 0800 we were sailing past Point Perpendicular our way into the magnificent Jervis Bay, Australia’s deepest naturally occurring bay and a little piece of paradise. We anchored just off Honeymoon Bay around 0830 this morning and went ashore and had a brilliant time in this magic and secluded little bay. There was much swimming, some rock exploring, some Frisbee, cricket and classic catches along with just chilling on a beach in a superbly stunning setting. Oh and I forgot we had some ���would be�� fishermen attempting to chase down and catch lunch with only their lightening reflexes and their hands . . . . needless to say, fish was not on the menu for lunch!After a couple of hours of enjoying all that Honeymoon bay had to offer, it was time to weigh anchor. As we sailed across to the south/eastern side of the bay, just near Hole in the Wall, we enjoyed lunch and then our second round of rope races. Once this activity which was very entertaining was completed, the Youth Crew lay aloft to sea furl the squares and main sail. Then it was off ashore again to another amazing beach for some sports, swimming, snorkelling and kayaking. This is how we spent the afternoon and it was brilliant. A couple of us were lucky enough to see some sting rays in the shallows.As if the day hadn’t been fun enough, once we had everyone safely back onboard we opened the Young Endeavour pool, with yet another brilliant setting and this time employed the use of the rope swing from the course yard. There were displays of form and grace . . . but mostly there was . . . ���entertainment��. A good time was had by all.Then as the sun started to go down we enjoyed our first ���teak deck BBQ’ for the voyage which was followed by a very entertaining session of the world famous extravaganza that is ���three way talks’. This is where we learn a little more about each other and have some fun doing so. To complete the day’s activities the Navigator, Dutchy gave a quick presentation on how to keep the ship safe in anchor watches over night. Then everyone turned in for a well deserved good nights rest at anchor. Until Tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Dion


35° 7' South / 150° 44' East


Wind E @ 10knots