Captain's Log
29 December 2010

Day 4 – Tasmania East Coast

Ahoy there everyone, Welcome to day four of the voyage. Overnight Young Endeavour continued sailing south under a full press of sails making good a handsome seven knots through the Bass Strait. At sunrise Young Endeavour was half way across Bass Strait under clear blue skies. During the day the wind increased in strength and veered to the west. Communications Officer Joel conducted a theory lesson on celestial navigation culminating with a practical demonstration with the sextant. After lunch the ship was rigged for 30 minutes silent running when all non essential equipment was shut down and only the sounds of the waves and wind were audible. This was followed by round two of rope races which exhibited some close competition between both the watches and their Watch Leaders. By mid afternoon the weather had strengthened to 35+ knots of wind and three metre seas while the ship was reaching 11 knots on occasion. Chef Snowy and his team in the galley performed a near miracle to produce a sensational dinner in extremely challenging conditions to the praise of all. The Youth Crew performed sensationally showing true determination and spirit to climb aloft in the prevailing conditions in order to sea furl the sails and work the deck. Just before sunset the sail area was reduced and the storm trysail set for the overnight passage along the Tasmanian East Coast. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


41° 17' South / 149° 3' East


2200 at sea - Weather Overcast, Wind W 35 knots, Swell W 2.5 metres, Temperature 18 degrees, Barometer 1011 hpa