Captain's Log
V14/21 Sydney to Sydney
18 November 2021

Day 4 – Tasman Sea and the EAC

After waking up at 2330 White Watch had the task of a ‘Gutswatch’. Immediately, we joined forces with Red Watch to Brail the main mast. We came across some difficulties when there was an air pocket caught inside the sheet, keeping Red Watch up for an extra half hour. Soon, the wind picked up, and we had to set the topsail, our Watch Leader Bobby, picking Will and Jade to climb the foremast (also the wonderful narrators of this log). Climbing in the dark, with strong winds and only one previous climb experience, was both exhilarating and confronting. We both somewhat confidently, stepped out of our comfort zone and got the job done. The rest of the night was chill and fun. Early this morning, we woke up to Eifel 65’s Blue, as William headed down to make pancakes with the wonderful Keely. Chocolate sauce, ice cream, strawberries and bananas, maple syrup, even cinnamon on top – clearly the staff are spoiling us We had a navigation lesson with Emma, and a Laws of Road lesson brief with Evan. While Jade was on watch, the team spotted a shark, a manta ray, flock of albatross, Merrrick Terns, and the occasional ship on the horizon. The majority of the remaining day was spent tacking and practicing our rope skills, there are a lot of hands with blisters and callouses. With a storm blowing Easterly, but the Young Endeavour travelling Southerly, the swell picked up A LOT, and the ship hasn’t stopped rocking since. Special shoutout to mum, who did the Young Endeavour in 1989. I’m in the same berth, the same bunk, and the same watch. Captain Charlie even gave us a book with the Life and Times of this special ship, I look forward to finding your name in the Youth List. Big shoutout to the family at home – Mum, Dad, Chloe, Abbey, and Pippi, and a happy birthday to Mayson! Missing you all, and I can’t wait to show you all the amazing videos and pictures I’ve taken. – Jade 


35 27 S / 151 12 E


Wind: N @ 15-20 kts. Temp: 16. Swell: N @ 1.5m. Weather: Overcast.