Captain's Log
13 October 2013

Day 4 – Sydney to Auckland STI Race

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship continued on an ESE course in the 35 knot NN Westerlies making an average speed of 9.0 knots and pushing the Ship to a 10 deg heel. The swell built overnight to 4 metres, also from the NNW, resulting in a continuous rolling motion.Morning Brief was held at 0900, followed by Happy Hour. Lunch was followed by the daily position reporting schedule from all the Tall Ships, which revealed YE had recovered to 4th position overall, with the reminder of the Fleet appox 30miles north of us..Ropies was cancelled due to the conditions on deck being too treacherous for playing games. It was decided instead to give the crew the afternoon to catch up on some sleep.Luke and his capable assistants worked together to produce excellent meals in the challenging conditions.Just at the change of watch between the first and last Dog Watches the Ship was hit by an unexpected increase in wind speed from 30 to 60 knots. We had just clewed-up the Topsail and were sailing on the fore staysail, and main staysail; and had been about to set the storm tri-sail to balance the Ship. The maximum apparent wind speed on the two staysails were exceeded so we needed to furl them quickly and set the storm sails to provide balance and drive. All hands were piped on deck and we achieved these changes to the sail plan safely, but the Ship was rolling heavily and the high winds made it challenging to stay on your feet. The maximum forecast winds for the region were 30 knots so we were caught-out as we had not expected to need to reduce to storm sails only. A message for Kate from her very proud big sister! All the best tomorrow and in the following weeks with your HSC exams  – I\’ll be thinking of you! XX  A message for Matt Grenfell\’s Mum – Hope you have a great day. Lots of love from your favourite son, Matt.  Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Mike  “ 


35° 19' South / 159° 43' East


Wind: 340 / 46 kts, Weather: Overcast, gale force conditions, Swell: 010 / 5.5 m, Temp: 18 deg. C