Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
31 August 2018

Day 4 – Sun, Sea, Sails and Whales!

Ahoy Shipmates,
Day four commenced with another glorious sunrise and perfect weather. With the Ship still buzzing from the Zoe Falls adventures, we settled into another busy day. After brekky and some down time we rolled straight into Morning Brief, where our resident housekeeper, the infamous Nanna, made an appearance. Happy hour followed then Watch Officer Jordo and his trusty sidekick (Karly) gave the “Rules of the Road (at sea)” brief. Making the most of the glorious conditions, after lunch a number of Youth Crew proceeded aloft, climbing to the Top Gallant for the first time…the best vantage point to see the whales around the ship. Edition number 1 of “Rope Races” then kicked off, testing the ships knowledge of our erstwhile young Australians. After much frivolity, Sail Master Dion took the ship to “Tacking Station” for “Rotational Tacks”. This is where the watches rotate through each others tacking station positions to gain a better understanding of the process of tacking a Tall Ship. After 3 successful tacks and a ware (gybe) we conducted a “Man Overboard Drill” with all Youth Crew and Staff Crew performing admirably. While the breeze (10-12 knots) hangs around we are making the most of sailing rather than motor sailing…much more peaceful. Tomorrow we will awake to the magnificent sights of the Whitsundays with the intent to visit both Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach.
Until tomorrow,
Captain Kenny

V15/ 18
Ahoy there! After an amazing hike to Zoe Bay Waterfall on the beautiful Hinchinbrook Island, we took our first watch rotations. As members of White Watch we took the First Watch from 1945 to 2345. This meant we were lucky enough to see the moon rise over the port side while passing Townsville. We have done plenty of work setting/unfurling the Jib and Fore Staysail. We also had plenty of time for fun.
During the course of day 4, all watches have climbed to the Topgallant Sail one after another, which relieved most Youth Crews fears and worries about climbing the Fore/Main mast on Young Endeavour. The first knowledge activity being Rope Races between watches was undertaken with White Watch taking a commanding lead after round 1 closely followed by Blue Watch. Not too long after a few practices of Tacking and wearing of The Young Endeavour the youth crew became confident with the fun process (Capt Kenny’s favourite activity.)
All Youth Crew aboard are felling upbeat as Command day gets ever closer, especially after Floral Friday!
Flipper, Dom and Bonnie.


19 58s / 148 41s


Wind: NNE at 10 knots Weather: Fine and clear Swell: 145 at 0.5 metres Course: 089t Speed: 3 knots (under sail)