Captain's Log
V13/19 Sydney to Newcastle
18 November 2019

Day 4 – Sun, Sails and Sea Legs!

Ahoy shipmates. Day 4…a spectacular day at sea! After a restful night at anchor we departed Broken Bay mid morning and have had a fantastic day under sail as we make our way south towards Jervis Bay. The girls have covered the finer details below so I’ll be brief. The wind has begun to die so we are currently motor sailing enjoying a spectacular sunset…tough life. A busy night is planned for our young adventurers…should be fun! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.

Captains Log: Day 4 – 07 November 2019
Red Watch: Charlee
Blue Watch: Morgan
Charlee and Morgan here, writing during a full day of sailing the coast of Sydney heading to Jervis Bay. Weather delivering beautiful sunny skies and calm seas offering the chance for youthies to recover from episodes of sea sickness.
Our morning started with a 0700 wakeup to the sound of Micheal Jackson over the loud speaker. After a night of anchor watches a morning BBQ feed boosted the spirits and liveliness of the YE crew.
Morning brief with salty and first appearance of Nana who called out the youthies who left their racks a hot mess got the day started. Those who experienced sea sickness the first day of sailing were a bity nervous heading out but looks like the fishies are gonna have to find a new diet as stomachs settle onboard.
We rolled into happy hour which was followed by the tacking and wearing of the ship. To gain a better appreciation for the roles involved with tacking of the entire ship rotational tacks were done by the three watches. Once again the team came together to tack and wear the ship successfully and all hands on deck completed setting the JIB.
Lunch was demolished offering a delicious spread of lamb chops and Moroccan chicken. Up on deck ‘Rope Races’ commenced with Blue Watch showing off their knowledge on fore and aft sails as well as their ability to down zuppa duppa in record breaking time. Blue watch cleaned up with Red Watch slipping from their winning position.
With Blueys on Watch some youthies ventured out onto the bowsprit offering a solid few front of ship. Blueys successfully held the helm whilst some of the youthies made it to the topallant yard for the first time of the voyage, with of course many more to come.
As the sun begins to fade on another day onboard youthies enjoy another tremendous feed and catch up on sleep with a few cheeky naps as watch rounds continue into the night.
Morgs: To the public wanting to sail and not get sick: Stemetil is a scam
Mum and Dad: Why did you make me so tall.. tall ship bunk beds aren’t made for 6’2 humans, but thank you for making me as adventurous as I am to try this experience!

Charlee: Gday Mum, Dad and the girls, I’m having the best time and I am loving life at sea. Thanks so much for making this adventure a reality for me!! They haven’t made me walk the plank yet but there is still plenty of time!! Miss you guys!


34 15s / 151 22e


Wind: NE at 8 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Course: 203 Speed: 5 knots Location: NE of Wollongong