Captain's Log
30 June 2014

Day 4 – Strong Winds

 Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. As forecast the wind strengthened to 30kts from the south west during the early hours of this morning and with it came an uncomfortable 2m swell which regrettably caused the onset of the ‘sailors curse’ seasickness with a number of the Youth Crew. As the morning progressed we were being set further and further to the east so we decided to tack and close the coast so that we could set ourselves up to round Cape Morton on the next tack. This was also a better course for the swell and reduced the pitching and rolling of the ship considerably. During the day we modified the program giving the Youth Crew some well deserved ‘down time’ so that they could recover from the last night’s lack of sleep due to the strong winds and rough conditions. Late that afternoon the Youth Crew spent time with their Watch Leaders revising some of the things learnt during the previous days of the voyage and I whilst on watch I gave my sail theory presentation to White Watch, with this presentation to be given to the other two watches tomorrow. This evening some of the Youth Crew climbed to the lower top of the foremast and spotted a number of breaching whales whilst also witnessing another spectacular sunset. The time is now 2000 and we are currently located 32nm to the north of Cape Morton (northern point of Morton Island). In the past 72hrs we have now travelled 460.6nm and are still staying above our required speed. Late this evening, we will round Cape Morton, alter course to the south and continued to make good speed down the Queensland Coast. The current forecast is for strong south westerlies to remain until late tomorrow morning so we may be in for another uncomfortable night. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


26° 32' South / 153° 37' East


Currently experiencing strong - very strong 25-30kt SW winds with a 2m swell. Current temperature is a cool 10 degrees.