Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
31 July 2021

Day 4 – Sea to Magnetic Island

The start of day 4 was an amazing wake-up call to the sound of Red watch singing a sea modified version of “chicken fried”. The Whities were on first watch of the night, then handed it over to blue watch at 12pm to take on the guts watch. The sun rose over the horizon and to kick start the day Ads, the amazing chef hosted a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict, which we all greatly enjoyed. The youthies soon began their first lesson of the day conducted by Jordo on Rules Of The Road and how to avoid collisions at sea.

We then anchored up at Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island. As the sun scorched us we pulled up the massive awning using our newly learned skills of teamwork and strength. Shortly after we arrived on the beach we were greeted by the presence of two American Blackhawks and one chinook, accompanied by the roar of two F-18 fighter jets. We then held a game of tug-of-war on the beach between the three watches, from which Blue emerging victorious. After this we took a trip to town where we all got coffees and ice cream while cheering Jemma and Reggie along on their afternoon run. Next the youthies went for a quick refreshing swim, followed by a walk along the beautiful beach of Magnetic Island.

The end of our time ashore, we made our way back to the Young Endeavour. Sumo lead the final game of the night, Rope races, won by Red watch. As a treat to all the crew, a barbeque was supplied where the staff cooked up a feast fit for kings and queens! As the day came to an end the staff crew held a couple of briefs where they taught the Youthies about anchor watches and the night’s rounds, as we will stay here overnight. The trip so far has been amazing and we can’t wait for the next 8 days.
Written by Shay, Joe and Will. …………………………………….
Hello Mum if you’re reading this we say “Ahoy there” and miss you heaps……………………. Shout out to Year 10 of St Pats, Gympie………………….. Shay says hello to Katie


19 06.5 S / 146 51.2 E


Wind: Light and variable. Temp: 21. Swell: Nil. Weather: Fine.