Captain's Log
15 April 2014

Day 4 – Sea to Gladstone Harbour

Ahoy there Shipmates,The Ship remained at sea overnight on passage towards Great Keppel Island, our intended anchorage for tonight. All the watches had a chance during their night watches to further develop their watch-on-deck skills, including on the helm, being lookout and conducting engineering rounds, whilst further developing their watch communications and teamwork skills.Red Watch woke the crew at 0700 with a song they wrote the lyrics for, to the tune of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (Journey). After such a great start to the day we soon rolled into the morning routine of the first at-sea brief and happy hour, before the watch leaders took charge of the watches to lay aloft to cast loose gaskets to enable us to set all of the square sails.Sumo the engineer had been watching the performance of the Ship’s freezer with concern overnight as the temperature had been slowly rising. His diagnosis was that the refrigerant level was low; leading us to believe there was a slow leak. I decided it was necessary to go into Gladstone early to obtain the support of a refrigeration mechanic. The Ship anchored within the port limits at 1600 and the Ship’s boat was dispatched to pick him up. It was decided that he would effect temporary repairs, which would enable us to continue with our program and effect permanent repairs alongside in Gladstone on completion of the voyage.Dinner was a delicious teak deck BBQ cooked by Adam, Aaron and his willing assistants Hanna, Dallas and Emma. The food was quickly demolished by a ravenous Youth and Staff Crew. There was a very chilled out vibe afterwards with everyone enjoying the fine conversation and quiet tunes in the background. Soon enough however Adam wrapped up the end of dinner and moved onto three way chats, which is another way of finding out a bit more information about everyone’s story.After a very enjoyable evening finding out so much about each other Matt the Nav explained how the anchor watches work and there was a cheer when the Youthies worked out they would get a decent nights sleep tonight. They do have a great deal of responsibility however as they continue to look after the safety of the Ship throughout the night.We plan to remain at anchor overnight and then sail early tomorrow morning for our next destination which is Great Keppel Island.Until tomorrow, yours, ayeCAPT MikePS. A birthday wish from Emma Hines:Happy Birthday Mum (Sarah), sorry I’m not there again! Hope you have a good day without me.     “ 


23° 50' South / 151° 19' East


Weather conditions at anchor in Gladstone: fine, Wind: 115/12 kn, Swell: nil, Temp: 21 deg. C