Captain's Log
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
29 June 2019

Day 4 – Scawfell Island, Butterflies and Aerial Antics!

Ahoy shipmates…another busy day. After a steady overnight transit, we found ourselves just to the north of Scawfell Island just after sunrise, proceeding to anchor in the sheltered waters of the aptly named Refuge Bay. The girls have succinctly described the rest of the day’s activities, so I’ll be brief. As I write we are to the east of Mackay enroute our next stop, Middle Percy Island. Unfortunately the conditions continue to challenge…the wind is from the south east, and guess where we need to go…south east! May be a few tacks overnight methinks! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captains Log: Day 4- 29 June 2019
White Watch: Julieann and Shania
G’day Y’all!
Julieann and Shania from White Watch reporting in. We’re currently sailing to the Percy Islands enjoying the calm weather and smooth seas. Having spent our first night sailing, many of the youthies have begun the adjustment to sea life by way sick bags. Through adverse conditions are bonds strengthened.
In other news, we started the day in high spirits after a beautiful breakfast and made our way ashore to Scawfell Island where we frolicked in the sand and the water, pausing for beach games and braving harsh terrain (some barefooted) to witness the Islands secret swarm of butterflies.
Wet and sandy from the sojourn to the Island, some attended to much needed laundry before being treated to an upper deck BBQ, once again Marcus, our resident chef, outdoing himself with a delicious spread set amongst lovely sunshine and a refreshing ocean breeze.
After digesting lunch came the highly anticipated rope swing! The highlight of the day was a chance for all youthies to line up and swing from the deck via rope and into the clear blue water below. Some proved more adept at swinging than others, but immense fun was had regardless.
To usher out the daylight White Watch, thanks to the magnificent Morgan, had the privilege of climbing aloft onto the course yards with a birds-eye view of the entire ship, deck and horizon. Feet dangling and shaky grips as the waves buffeted the Endeavour – t’was a truly breathtaking experience.
As this goes to press White Watch is on our shift of 1800-2000, later followed by the Morning Watch at 0400 to 0800, so the watch is keen to get some sleep.
During our first few watches we have been keeping lookout, taking turns steering the ship – an immense responsibility and unique opportunity.
As always Marcus the magician produced a magnificent feast of BBQ pork with rice and Nachos so thank you Marcus – delicious.
Over and out from White Watch, stay tuned for future updates.
Shoutouts from Julieann: To family all my family and friends, I love you all and hope you are all having a good time!
Shoutouts from Shania: To my family and Pia; sending love.


20 56s / 149 49e


Wind: SE at 20 knots Weather: Cloudy Sea: Choppy Course: 165 Speed: 4 knots Location: East of Mackay