Captain's Log
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
12 January 2016

Day 4 – salty sea dogs!

Hi All,

Trust everything is well out there for the land lubbers. We well and truely have our sea legs and enjoyed a fantastic day of sailing, including setting some of the square sails for the first time. Navigation was a major focus with a thorough theory lesson and some practical tips, the Youth Crew are now doing most of the navigation. This brings me to the point of our ‘secret’ pit stop. After much consideration over places we might stop, the city of Albany is our choice and if our navigation and sailing is good tonight we hope to be there early tomorrow. In the meantime, today was a birthday for our Blue Watch Leader Keely. The chocolate sponge cake was yummy. We also did our first set of rope races today – a game between the three watches where Horto our Engineer asks members of the watches to go and touch something such as a life ring or a furling line. First to do so gets a point. When there is a draw or an undetermined round, we have a Young Endeavour ‘fruit off’ (first to eat a banana) or other such activity to determine a winner for the round – much humour. There is a prize for the watch with the most points but the nature of the prize will be announced a little later. Early in the morning we had a visit from our ‘Nanna’. Yes, an appropriately dressed Horto appeared before our assembled morning session and with much humour produced (a lot) of loose clothing and personal effects that people had left lying around. Because we had been a bit messy we had to do a favour for Nanna. We all went to the midships area and Nanna led us in some songs to get us going – think High 5 meets The Wiggles, hmmm. Great to observe the wonderful lift in everyone and the positive attitude to all our tasks even through some sub-optimal weather. Sleep well in your non-moving beds that are no doubt wider than 600mm. Thanks for your interest in our Voyage and will have more for you tomorrow. Arrrgh and Ahoy There – that’s the first part of our piratitude we have been practicing!

Dave J (Yak)
Voyage Captain


35 Deg 10 Min South / 117 Deg 05 Min East


Weather: Overcast, Wind 180 at 15 kts and easing, Swell 190 at 2-2.5m, Sea 170 at 0.5m, Temp 15C and feels like it. Still a high wind-chill.