Captain's Log
28 May 2013

Day 4 – Platypus Bay

Hi Everyone,                   Welcome to Day four of our voyage. Overnight we entered Hervey Bay and continued to experience changing weather conditions, which included more passing showers and moderating winds. These conditions meant that we had to hand in the majority of sail during the early hours of this morning and utilise our main engines to reach our planned anchorage which we achieved at 0650 this morning when we came safely to anchor at Fraser Islands Platypus Bay. Once at anchor we enjoyed a hearty breakfast which was followed by morning brief then cleaning stations (happy hour). With the ship spotless the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they enjoyed a good leg stretch, some beach sports, followed by a refreshing swim. Regrettably most of this was done in passing showers which in know way dampened the spirits of Youth Crew. By 1230 everyone was back onboard and following lunch Sumo conducted another set of rope races which was followed by Mike and Dougy’s presentation on Rules of the Road, an important component of navigating the ship to avoid colliding with other vessels at sea. Late this afternoon everyone was given some ‘down time’ which gave them the opportunity to wash some clothes (hand washed in buckets) or just relax and enjoy some quality time with other members of the crew. This evening saw Taffy and myself give Chef Hayden a hand by cooking Young Endeavours famous ‘teak deck BBQ’. Once dinner was complete and all of the ice cream cones had been demolished, the Youth Crew conducted the three way talk activity which enabled them to learn a significant amount about two of their selected shipmates and then present that information to the rest of the crew. Once three way talks had been completed Tim the Navigator gave a presentation on anchor watches and how we keep the ship safe whilst at anchor. With this activity complete the ship has now reverted into anchor watches overnight which will ensure that all of us get a well deserved good nights rest. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


24° 50' South / 153° 10' East


Currently at anchor in Platypus Bay and experiencing moderate 12-16kt winds with nil swell and passing showers. Current temperature is 17 degrees.