Captain's Log
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
20 November 2019

Day 4 – Patonga, a Hike, a Swim…and Jerusalem Bay!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 4…and some dry land action at last! After a great night under sail we arrived off Broken Bay around 0730, heading straight to anchor off Patonga Beach. I would elaborate further on today’s events, but the boys have got it covered. As i write we have just enjoyed our first teak deck bbq for the voyage in a stunning location, topped off by a magic afternoon. That’s it from me…over to Nathaniel and George. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
As morning came around, the lights of Sydney could be seen on the distant horizon, as we sailed on course heading northwest towards Patonga for our day of activities and adventures. As the morning sun rose we pulled in to Patonga where we dropped anchor, and, as everyone woke from their sleep, they were delighted by the beautiful scene of the small town of Patonga. As the crew set a foot on deck we then were marshalled to the port side of the bridge to be greeted by the wonderful XO/Sail master Harry who has been under quarantine for some time now as he was unwell, but back in business and thriving he delivered the schedule for today and briefed us with some activities. Also we were briefed by Captain Kenny and Jerome with the navigator’s report and brief. Lastly for the morning brief was that the crew was paid a visit by no other then Salty. Afterwards, we moved into happy hour, what a happy time that was , with having to clean this lovely ship from bow to stern, then we were split into groups of around three people from each watch group to get to know them more. After spending half an hour of talking and getting to know each other, we then boarded the light speed boat for a short but refreshing trip ashore to Patonga. The time spent ashore at Patonga began with a walk up to the lookout to look out across the bay. As we trekked back through the shrub and bush land of the stunning head lands of Patonga we then continued back to Patonga for a drink and ice-block at the café; which for some was buying milkshakes and coffees as we basked in the bright yellow sun before being treated to a swim. At roughly 1430 we returned to the ship to relax as we wait for the entire crew to return, then at around 1530 we weighed anchor to set course for Jerusalem Bay along the Hawkesbury River. As the afternoon crept in we pulled out the BBQ and cards to relax in the evening sun. Songs were sung, games got heated, laughs were enjoyed, but at the crux of all of this we were enjoying each other’s company and having a great time aboard this Young Endeavour. Later we continued talking with our 3 way chat groups which is an activity that we have been doing to get to know each other better. It has been a great day with nice warm weather and glistening waters; the sun was at some points a tad too hot but that doesn’t spoil the evening. Soon we will be delighted to some of Marcus’ and Harry’s lovely cooking as we present what we have learnt from each other today. After dinner and our talks we will do any further activities or required jobs as instructed before docking our sleepy heads to our soft and warm docks with calm weather and little swell to disturb our slumber. This is all for now from two boys on board this Young Endeavour as we endure and ponder on what’s to come. – Nathaniel and George –


33 35s / 151 12e


Wind: Light and variable Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay