Captain's Log
5 July 2011

Day 4 – Pacific Ocean

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship remained underway motor sailing along the Queensland South East coast. With calmer 1.5 metre seas a more restful sleep was achieved by all. After morning brief and happy hour Dutchy the Navigator presented his navigation brief proving to all that in fact the earth was not flat but round, the rest of the Staff Crew are still out on this theory noting that next he would be espousing that mermaids didn’t exist.Chef Squiz crafted a stunning buffet lunch ensuring that energy levels and morale were kept at a high level. With the sun shining the opportunity to hand wash clothes and dry them on the ships side was taken. Next Engineer Leon conducted round three of rope races which saw the non disappear from the non-competitive title as the watches gained confidence in the lay out and terminology of the ship in order to locate the various nominated items.During the afternoon Watch Officer Tug presented an intriguing maritime Rules of the Road lecture, an important component of safely navigating the ship to avoid colliding with other vessels or running aground by identifying various lights, shapes and navigation markers.The remainder of the afternoon was utilised by the Watch Leaders to continue consolidating deck work and climbing aloft while those on bridge watch applied practical navigation skills by fixing the ships position. It is pleasing to note that it appears the majority of the Youth Crew have been awarded their sea legs. It has been an extremely busy and rewarding day for the Youth Crew. With an abating sea conducive to a peaceful night sleep for all either side of a four hour bridge watch. The intention is to remain at sea overnight continuing motor sailing and making ground to the south. Happy Mother’s Day to all those special Mum’s, below are attached some of the messages to you all.Until tomorrow evening.Yours AyeCaptain Damien From Captain DamienThinking of you keeps me awakeDreaming of you keeps me asleepBeing with you keeps me aliveHappy Mother’s Day all my loveFrom Matt the SailmasterHey Mum, I hope you are having a very special day today. Thanks for just being you. Can you Google how to sail a square ship for dummies for me? Oh and the only thing that would make being on Young Endeavour better would be if we had a dog onboard. I miss Sweep almost as much as I miss you! Love MattFrom Dutchy the NavHey Mum, thanks for teaching me all about Nav, I can finally use what you taught me. Ps. How do I get to Sydney? Love DutchyFrom Ali MusgroveHey Mum, it seems like these last few years I am always away for mother\’s day and I\’m sorry to continue the trend this year. I want to wish you a really wonderful day and I look forward to seeing you when we get into Sydney. I\’ve got lots of adventures to share. Love you! Hugs, Ali xx ooFrom Wayne RoulstonHi Mum, thanks for supporting me in everything I do. I hope you have a fantastic Mother\’s day, I look forward to seeing you again and I\’ll be sure to make up for my abscence on such a special occassion. Love, Wayne.From Matthew HammenHi Mum just wishing you a happy mother\’s day from here on the Young Endeavour ship at sea. Look forward seeing you at sydney when i come in, love matthew. :)From: Eilzabeth TempleHAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! I hope that you have a lovely day and enjoy yourself! Looking forward to seeing you when I head back down south. I am loving my time onboard and you should check out my war wounds! Lots of Love x x xFrom Billlie-Jo HurleDearest Mother, Happy Mother\’s Day! Hope you have a sensational day. Thinking of you always, Much Love Billie-Jo =) xxFrom Nick WaughHappy mothers day, sadly wont be there to share it with you, we are currently sailing past the Gold Coast…enjoying every minute…Hope all is well at home, missing everyone, havent been sea sick yet, but the wrist bands are working for me. The most amazing trip so far, will fill you in when I get into sydney. We are currently at the present time(07:10 SATURDAY) passing nsw/QLD boarder. learning all the tricks of the trade with (matt) with navigation. I am one of about feeling that havent been feeling sick so all is good. Everyone is getting along well and only one night of rough seas which put alot of people sea sick.we had to drop a couple of people back to brisbane because of sea sickness but their personal choice. Anyways have a fantastic mothers day. Looking foward to a home cooked roast when I come home!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Nick xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoFrom BethHiya Mum (and Dad, Ba n Tam oh n Jess)I hope ur all having a great time back home enjoying school 😛 and getting ready for gliding. Happy Happy mothers day, treat her well little ones (but just for one day – oh and hide ur chocolate 🙂 . Hope ur recovering well dad – I\’ve worn your very sexy Nepalese Beanie. Having a fantastic time and i\’ll see you when we come in.xoxo BethieFrom JoelHey Mum, Happy Mothers day! Hope you have a great day, wish I could be there. We can have Yum Cha on the 14th to celebrate! Look forward to seeing all of you in Sydney! Love you xoxo From AJ Hey Mum, hoping your having a great mother\’s day and sadly I am too far away to celebrate it with you. The Young Endevour has been pretty up and down so far with really bad sea sickness but I think I am starting to get over it finally. Especially with the first challenge of the trip which just had to be climbing to the of the ship\’s sails and sitting up there for 20 mins or so. Hope all is well, I love you! Wishing you and the family a special day and I will see you all in Brisbane soon!


28° 42' South / 153° 45' East


2300 at sea - Weather, Scattered Cloud, Wind SW 12 knots, Swell SE 0.5 metre, Temperature 20 degrees, Barometer 1015 hpa