Captain's Log
8 October 2010

Day 4 Orpheus Island

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight the ship continued south under fore and aft sails with the wind continuing to back and veer during the night requiring constant adjustment to the sail plan, this kept the deck watches busy along with applying practical navigation techniques from the Watch Officers and climbing aloft with the Watch Leaders. At 0400 everyone was up on deck and the ship conducted a wear (turning the stern through the wind also known as a gybe) enabling the ship to proceed directly to our scheduled anchorage position at Orpheus (Goolboddi) Island. Wakey wakey at 0700 saw White Watch put in a lot of effort to perform a complicated three word tune to arouse all onboard for breakfast prior to motoring to our anchorage position in beautiful Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island. Once morning brief and ���happy hour’ had been completed, Sail Master Adam opened the Young Endeavour pool enabling all the adventurers to swing from the course yard arm rope or plunge from the bowsprit into the warm, clear waters. The intermittent tropical showers did not dampen the enthusiasm as the Youth Crew executed some commendable acrobatic pirouettes, somersaults and water entries.The morning plunge had sharpened the appetite of all, but Chef Adrian was equal to the task and provided a feast for lunch ensuring that energy levels and morale were kept at a high level. It was also pleasing to note that all have adjusted to the motion of the ship and are participating with vigour at each challenge or activity. Around midday the wind and swell abated completely and the area was becalmed with a glass like sea surface on which the tips of manta ray wings could be seen cutting the surface as they gracefully passed by the ship.After lunch Engineer Josh conducted round two of ���rope races’ which indicated that some of the terminology and upper deck equipment locations is being assimilated, though there are still an occasional dazed and confused look. Next Watch Officer Paul and Engineer Josh manned the ships two sea boats and ferried the Youth Crew ashore to explore the delights of Pioneer Bay. The afternoon was spent snorkelling the pristine fringing reefs and bommies of the bay before returning to the ship and consuming a BBQ dinner on the teak deck. Once all the ice cream cones had been demolished, it was time to wish Blue Watch Leader Carly a very happy birthday, and celebrate with the cutting of an exquisite chocolate mud cake hand crafted by Chef Adrian. After the echoes of happy birthday and a good two thirds of the cake had passed, the Youth Crew conducted a three way talk activity, which enabled each to learn a significant amount of in depth information about two of their selected shipmates, this was then presented to the remainder of the crew in the third person. The Youth Crew are now settling into their first night anchor watches after a comprehensive brief by Navigator Dutchy. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight prior to departing the anchorage early tomorrow morning with forecast freshening winds to fill our square sails, and proceed north west to exotic Hinchinbrook Island, continuing the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


18° 36' South / 146° 29' East


Intermittant Showers, Wind NW 6 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 24 degrees, Barometer 1015 hpa