Captain's Log
12 February 2013

Day 4 – Newcastle Visit

Ahoy there Shipmates,After a relatively calm night of motor-sailing northwards we arrived off Newcastle at 0700, at which time Blue Watch woke everyone by singing the attached song. We then entered harbour and berthed at Queens Wharf, Newcastle at 0800.A good set of cleaning stations was then conducted in preparation for the Special Olympics Committee morning tea which was held onboard between 0930 and 1100. While I helped the Executive Director of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme, Mr Steve Moss, to host the morning tea, the youth crew and their watch leaders proceeded ashore for a leg-stretch and some games in the local park, which included a group trust activity run by Navigator Rick. The youthies then ducked into the mall with their watch leaders for a coffee.Everyone was back onboard by 1130 and we departed the wharf at 1145 and commenced the passage to our next destination, Jervis Bay.After a fantastic make-your-own sandwich and wrap smorgasbord lunch Sumo ran edition 2 of ‘Ropies’ which was followed by part 1 of my Sail Theory Brief.We then settled-in to sea watches and as the afternoon wore on the wind backed and we were able to set the Top Gallant and Topsail, the first time we had set square sails on the voyage.It is hoped the wind will freshen overnight allowing us to arrive in Jervis Bay mid-morning tomorrow.Yours, ayeCaptain Mike—————————————————————— BLUE WATCH WAKEY-WAKEY SONG MON 02 DECCall me maybeHey we are Blue WatchAnd you are hazySo here’s our callingAnd wake up babyIt’s hard to stay downSo get up right nowAnd get some breakfastOr you’ll miss out!Then come up on deckCause the sun’s outAnd it’s time to start workAs it’s Monday morningThe ocean’s clear, the sky is blue,And we are lonely so join us too. “ 


33° 53' South / 151° 48' East


Weather: fine, Wind: 055 / 15 kn, Swell: from 090 at 0.5 m, Temp: 19 deg. C